Are YOU struggling with
meal planning

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In ‘MASTER YOUR MEAL PLAN’ I’ll show you…

A time-saving system to take the hard work out of meal planning.

How you can save at least $20 per week by reducing takeaway / restaurant food.

The secret to eating more healthy, fresh home cooked meals.

How to make sure you NEVER have to eat a meal you don’t feel like, and avoid the waste that normally goes with a change to the ‘plan’.

The easiest way to stop stressing about what to eat.

The flexibility to adapt to changes to your schedule.

√ PLUS! How to get the confidence to cook with what you have with over 60 ‘template’ recipes. Adapt them to your taste and ingredient availability and escape the boring ‘repeat’ of each week…

What Is ‘Master Your Meal Plan?

It’s a 5 week online training program that shows you step-by-step how to simplify your meal planning. It includes…

1. A super simple ‘formula’ to help you figure out how much food you’ll need. It quickly tells you how many types of protein (or main events) and vegetables to buy.

2. A collection of OVER 60 ‘template’ recipes. I’ll share the blue prints for my favourite go-to general recipes. These ‘master plan’ recipes are the templates for how to make different classic dishes. For example a great stir fry, a quick soup or a fragrant curry. Each template comes with suggestions for variations so you’ll be able to adapt them to the ingredients on hand.

3. Real live examples so you can watch and learn. I’ll show you EXACTLY how to put the method into practice by letting you ‘watch over my shoulder’ as I plan, shop and cook over 4 different weeks. I’ll guide you through my decision making processes to train you how to implement the system in a way that works for your lifestyle and cooking ability.

Kate, 2-Minute Meal Planner.
“The whole system was very useful to me. I learned better planning of meals for a week and, besides that, to improvise with ingredients. Preparing food ceased to be stressful factor and became a joy!”

Take a ‘sneak peek’ inside the class…

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