Tired of Deciding What to Cook?

What if you no longer had the chore of deciding what to cook for dinner?

What if someone else planned your meals and wrote a grocery list for you? And included plenty of whole foods? What if you didn’t have to think?

Sound good?
Then Soupstones Meal Plans can help!

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What is Soupstones?

It’s a weekly meal planning service where someone else comes up with the ideas for what to have for dinner.

It consists of:
1. Flexible done-for-you meal plans to help you get healthy dinners on the table without hassle.
2. Adjustable shopping lists with easy-to-find ingredients.
3. Recipes for 5 healthy easy weeknight dinners plus one (mostly) healthy dessert.

It gives you everything you need to ‘eat well and be well’ at the end of a long day without having to ‘think’.

Soupstones Meal Plans have already helped hundreds of people like YOU. See their reviews over here.


Meal Plans the Easy Way…

Time is precious. Sitting down to plan meals and write grocery lists takes time. So we’ve done the hard work for you while keeping things as flexible as possible.

Choose the style that works best for you…

icons more2 Print & Go download the shopping list and recipes from your email, print and go.

Access online from anywhere with an internet connection via our password protected website.

icons floppy disk Save Them On All Your Devices to access offline. Keep a copy on your computer, iPad, tablet, iPhone or smart phone.


Your Soupstones Meal Plans include…

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roast peppers with mozzarella zucchini 'spaghetti' salad

1. Flexible Meal Plans

Customized done-for-you weekly meal plans for 5 dinners plus one (mostly) healthy dessert.

* Choose how many dinners you wish to include.

* Variations for each recipe to suit your preferences / dietary requirements.

* Delivery via weekly email. So you won’t forget!

* PDF to print or save to your computer and mobile device + also hosted online so you can access from anywhere.

* All meals in the Stonesoup ‘5-Ingredients’ style: healthy, delicious and easy enough to master when you’re tired at the end of a long day.


Untitled burgers with kale chips
Indian Spiced Lamb spicy carrot salad

2. ‘Adjustable’ Weekly Shopping Lists

The meal plans and shopping lists are designed to be easily customizable, so you can choose how many meals you’d like to make and then only buy what you need. It also allows you to mix in your own recipes if you like.

* Choose how many meals to include.

* Customize with variations for different dietary requirements & allergies.

* Shopping list organized into categories to make shopping a breeze.

* All ingredients available in my local (small country town) supermarket so they are easy to find!

* Storage tips for each ingredient to minimize waste

* ‘Waste avoidance strategy’ – details of how to ‘preserve’ any fresh ingredients. So if your plans change, your ingredients won’t be wasted.


beef & broad beans w2 lemon steaks with broccoli-2
vietnamese beef salad tomatoey lentils with feta

3. 1157+ Healthy Recipes!

This feature is a huge bargain on its own!

* Access all the Stonesoup free and paid recipes from my eCookbooks and classes on the one easy-to-search site.

* All recipes use healthy, simple ‘real food’ ingredients that are easy to shop for.

* Save your favourite recipes and meal plans to your own personal favourites page.

* Most recipes can be made in 30 minutes or less. Perfect for when you’re tired at the end of a long day.

* Most recipes use 5-ingredients or less. So they’re great for healthy, delicious week night meals with minimum effort.


PLUS you’ll also get…

ingredient thesaurus logoKnowing which ingredients you can substitute is the key to having freedom in the kitchen. Your membership includes a downloadable ‘Ingredient Thesaurus’ to help make the best substitutes for you.

7 keys logo Instant access to the 7 Keys to Meal Planning Success Bonus Video Training to set you up for success in making real, lasting, healthy changes to your weeknight meals.

sales page icons searchAccess to ALL Stonesoup free and paid 5-ingredients recipes (1157+ recipes!) on the one easy-to-search site.

new icons2 Most recipes use 5-ingredients or less. Perfect for healthy, delicious week night meals with minimum effort.

more iconsWhen your plans change (as they often do) the ‘Waste Avoidance Strategy‘ for each meal will save you from the guilt of throwing away ingredients.

more icons3Concise, customizable shopping lists that you can easily edit and save on your computer or mobile device. Or just print and write on it!

new iconsThe recipes use easy to find, everyday ingredients that I can get at my local (small country town) supermarket!

more icons2Ensure your ingredients maintain optimum freshness with the detailed Ingredient Storage Best Practices to accompany each weekly meal plan.

sales page icons2PLUS! Keep track of your favourite recipes and meal plans with your own customizable ‘favourites’ page on the membership site.


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You won’t be on your own!

Got a question? Need help with something? No worries! Our super helpful customer service team (Caroline and me!) are only ever an email away. Contact jules@thestonesoup.com.


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Soupstones has helped hundreds of people like YOU!

Cecelia, Soupstones Member.
I nearly cried when your planner came through today! My life is really hectic at the moment, lots of decision making needed, stress etc and to have the planner with recipes that are easy and scrummy, portion controlled and a shopping list it was such a relief. The added bonus is that, being single I get lunch the next day and there is no $ or food wastage. Thank you, thank you!

Emma, Soupstones Member.
“What I love most about it is that I don’t need to think of what’s for dinner. Thinking of a healthy meal for the family during the working week is tricky so I really appreciate the inspiration from your meal plans. The hard work is done”.

Bec, Soupstones Member.
“I can’t thank you enough for simplifying my dinner times with relatively low cost, healthy & delicious meals. Half the battle is thinking up something to cook & after a 12 hour mentally challenging shift at work that is sometimes near on impossible. I also can’t believe how tasty everything is. I’m yet to try something that isn’t delicious”.

Stephanie, Soupstones Member.
“The meal plans are simple, easy to prepare, tasty and healthy. I love that it comes in a simple PDF format with a shopping list already broken down. You’ve made it SO simple to actually cook meals 5 nights a week – it’s wonderful!”.

Edith, Soupstones Member.
“Since I started I noticed from my jeans that I lost weight without thinking about it, I am also saving money because I buy less ingredients than normal “.

Marjorie, Soupstones Member.
“It took me a bit to get going on it, but when I made a leap and just went and shopped from your list — Voila! It was marvelous. I made everything like you said, even if I thought, we are not going to like this recipe. It’s pretty amazing, but my husband and I have liked every single meal. I’ve heard him talk about Soupstones Meal Plans to people and he says, You read the recipe and you doubt it’s going to taste good — but it ALWAYS does! He gets very excited now to see what’s in store for the week.”

Dyann, Soupstones Member.
“I am so glad I signed up for this, but I think my husband is even happier! Every night I’m hearing comments like, “I have been eating so good lately,” “This tastes like it came from a [Thai, Indian, etc] restaurant!” “That looks like a picture in a magazine” and “The house smells soooo gooooood.”

See more reviews over here.


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Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge OrangeYour membership is covered by a 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy, just email me [jules@thestonesoup.com] within 60 days. You’ll get a full, prompt and friendly refund. No questions asked.


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WHAT IF I DON’T LIKE SOMETHING? The recipes include variations so you can easily adjust them (and the shopping lists) to your personal tastes. Plus you’ll have your bonus ‘Ingredient Thesaurus’ to help.

WHAT IF I WANT TO USE MY OWN RECIPES? No problem. You can choose how many meals to use and adjust your shopping list accordingly. And you can easily add in the ingredients for your own recipes.

TRY IT RISK FREE! Not sure if meal planning is for you? Our 100% money-back guarantee has you covered. Just contact jules@thestonesoup.com within 60 days and we’ll happily refund you.

WHAT IF MY SCHEDULE CHANGES? No problems! Soupstones meal plans are built with this in mind. Each recipe comes with a ‘waste avoidance strategy’ so if your plans change, you’ll know how to avoid waste.

ARE THE MEAL PLANS SEASONAL? Yes and no. No there isn’t a separate meal plan released each week for the different hemispheres. However, when I use highly seasonal ingredients like asparagus in Spring, I include an extra alternate recipe that is appropriate for the Autumn (Fall). Same goes for seasonal dishes.

STILL NOT SURE IF IT’S RIGHT FOR YOU? See the QnA page over HERE. Or contact our super helpful customer service team (Caroline and me!) via jules@thestonesoup.com.

Try It Risk-Free
60 Day 100% Money Back GUARANTEE

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge OrangeYour membership is covered by a 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy, just email me [jules@thestonesoup.com] within 60 days. You’ll get a full, prompt and friendly refund. No questions asked. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Olannah, Soupstones Meal Plans Member.
My grocer bill has reduced dramatically. I buy exactly what is on the list, and no longer have that niggling feeling that I have to use up that cabbage/pumpkin/whatever that is in the fridge. My husband loves the meals and we both feel a lot better health wise”.

Dawn, Soupstones Meal Plans Member.
“My life is simpler, I’m eating new foods, my grocery bills have dropped, I eat substantially less processed-preprepared-frozen food!”