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These contain between 4-8 modules and are designed to be taken over 4-8 weeks each. Although you can choose to vary the pace to suit your style.

MYMP2013 square logoMaster Your Meal Plan shows you how to ‘reverse’ the meal planning process. You’ll learn how to shop first for seasonal produce and then decide what to cook based on the food you have. This means you’re not ‘locked in’ to your plan plus you don’t need to spend loads of time deciding what to cook and writing detailed lists.

HMM2013 square logoThe Healthy Meal Method shows you how to eat well and be well. It’s a proven system to help you harness the power of habits (and not will power) to put healthy eating on ‘autopilot’.

15 minute meals logo15 Minute Meals is a revolutionary approach to making healthy food fast.

solve your dinner dilemma [fresh ideas] logoSolve Your Dinner Dilemma focuses on simplifying the process of getting healthy dinners on the table without spending hours in the kitchen.

reclaim your waistlineReclaim Your Waistline shows you my method for managing my weight so I can look and feel my best without having to miss out on the foods I love.

5 habits class logo5 Habits of Healthy Cooks takes you ‘behind the scenes’ to the key habits that make healthy cooks different from the rest.

THD 2015 square logoSimple Dinners helps you discover a simple approach to real food for those days when you don’t have the energy to cook.

THD 2016 square logoThe Organized Cook shows you a simple system to get on top of cooking at home, eating more vegetables and pulling meals together quickly without the ‘last minute’ stress.



These are usually one module long and it’s up to you how long you take to go through the material.

lunch square logoTired of sandwiches for lunch? Then you need to go ‘Beyond the Sandwich‘ for healthy lunch ideas that will keep your taste buds AND waistline happy.

SFE square logoStress-Free Entertaining has you covered so you can wow your guests with delicious food without being stuck in the kitchen stressing while you miss out on the fun.

made with love logoSpoil your loved ones with delicious edible gifts from the Made With Love.

thai square logoHealthy Thai Cooking makes the fragrant flavours of Thai cuisine easy to replicate at home, even if you don’t have access to exotic ingredients.

budget class logoMastering the Art of Cooking on a Budget is all about showing you how to eat well during those times when you don’t have as much cash as you’d like.

veggie cooking logoQuick Veggie Cooking makes delicious vegetarian meals in the minimum amount of time.

curry logoDelicious full flavoured curries don’t necessarily need to take hours as you’ll see in 20-Minute Curries.

carnivore logoCooking with meat can be tricky and expensive. Quick Carnivore Cooking makes the process as fail-proof as possible.

soupSoups are often overlooked as a comforting healthy meal but with 10-Minute Soups you’ll be whipping them up in no time.

super simple baking logoLove to bake? Then you’ll love Super Simple Baking which shows you my favourite bakery treats.

bread making logoIt doesn’t get much better than fresh bread straight from your oven. Simple Bread Making at Home shows you my amazing ‘no-knead’ sourdough as well as delicious yeasted breads, pizza bases and more.

icecream without a machineLove ice cream? Well with Ice Cream without a Machine you can make incredibly indulgent ice cream at home. No fancy equipment or ice cream machine required.

preserves class logoPerserve Like Your Nanna takes the old fashioned art of jams and pickles and chutneys and makes them easy and modern!

make your christmas merry logoKeep it simple this Christmas with these done-for-you meal plans and recipes to really Make Your Christmas Merry!

stress free thanksgivingStress-Free Thanksgiving includes simple meal plans and recipes to help you make it through the holidays with delicious food and a stress-free kitchen.

weekend square logoThis short course, The Weekend Cook ‘grew up’ and became The Organized Cook. A good introduction to the process of prepping ingredients ready to use during the busy week ahead.

SQC square logoSuper Quick Cooking has you covered for those times when dinner should have been ready like 5-minutes ago.

slowcooking logoSimple Slow Cooking makes the art of hearty slow cooked meals as simple and comforting as possible. It’s up to you whether you use a slow cooker or your oven.

5 minute salads logoPerfect for Summer 5 Minute Salads is full of fresh, easy ideas.



Your membership will also give you access to any new programs, recipes and bonuses that are released on the Stonesoup Virtual Cookery School site.