Give me 30 days and I’ll give you dramatically better meals…

30Dinners 3D Cover2Do you wish you cooked more of your own food? Are you stuck in a cooking rut? Do you want your dinners to be simple, easy AND fun?

Then 30-Dinners may be just the thing for you!

’30-Dinners in 30-Days’ is a downloadable eWorkbook designed to help you revitalize your weeknight meals.

It’s a step-by-step guide to help you, transform dinner time into the healthy, delicious meals you deserve.

Each of the 30 steps includes:
1. A lesson – for the why and how this step will help you.
2. An action – a specific task to help you actually apply the lesson.
3. Learn more – links to further reading.
4. A recipe – an example of a dinner using the lessons in the step.

These 4 aspects mean you’ll not only learn HOW to make better dinners, you will have actually done it and made better meals.

I’m so confident that 30-Dinners can help, I’m backing it with a 100% money-back guarantee.


Choose from 2 options…

30Dinners 3D Cover 30Dinners 3D Cover2

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Like a sneak peek inside?

Here are some sample pages from the eBook…

Designed for you to implement at your own pace…

The eBook is broken into 30 ‘days’ but it’s up to you how you work your way through them.

Choose one or more of the following options:
1 lesson per day – work through as the workbook was designed.
1-2 lessons per week – take your time and spread the lessons out.
Intensive chunks – work through multiple lessons on the weekend.
Occasional inspiration – dip into the workbook from time to time.

PLEASE NOTE: The 152 page eWorkbook contains 36 recipes, some are completely new but many have been published previously on

Still not sure if this eBook is for you?

’30-Dinners’ is for anyone looking to make their dinners easier, tastier and more fun.

It’s suitable for beginner cooks looking to gain confidence AND for more experienced cooks, looking to simplify their time in the kitchen.

It’s NOT for anyone looking to spend hours in the kitchen to impress with fancy, ‘master chef’ skills.

Take small steps to massive change…

After the 30 steps you’ll have:
Re-framed how you think about dinner so you actually enjoy it.
Discovered new ingredients & cuisines, bringing fun back to your dinners.
Designed a plan for your pantry and your kitchen equipment.
Developed relationships with suppliers like your farmer’s market and butcher.
Learned to cook with the seasons without obsessing.
Mastered the art of using you fridge and freezer.
Discovered healthy ways to utilize convenient ingredients and meals.
Made a variety of quick, tasty meals.

and much more!

After the 30 steps you will have transformed how you approach and make dinner.

Here’s what people are saying…

Marvin, 30 Dinners Reader
“You have spoiled me for other cookbooks. I picked up a vegetarian slow cooker cookbook at the library last week, got home, and opened it up. There were 15-20 ingredients for every recipe. I just closed it and took it back. I’m sure I’ll get lots of good from your book.”

Lesley, 30 Dinners Reader
“This is probably the book that I will take the most from. I think the interactive nature of, that is, the links that take to different recipes and hints make it very versatile.”

Jean, 30 Dinners Reader
“I think the books keep getting better and better. I use your recipes pretty exclusively now. I often sit and look at the books in the evening and even after I have eaten, I am still inspired and want to cook lots of the things.”

Rebecca, 30 Dinners Reader
“I really appreciate how you have freed the way I cook. From reducing the number of ingredients, to using what I have on hand, and to your many, many other ideas: thank you. I love your approach and imagination. You have inspired me. “

Sage, 30 Dinners Reader
“I’ve been doing the 30-day eworkbook with my 3 homeschooled girls and we are loving it.  So delicious and so easy!!  This workbook is helping us see that simple and fast still tastes great!”


Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge OrangeIf you aren’t happy with your eWorkbook, just email me []. You’ll get a 100% full, prompt and friendly refund. We part as friends. No questions asked. All the risk is on me. You have absolutely nothing to lose.


Choose from 2 options…

30Dinners 3D Cover 30Dinners 3D Cover2

Click the “ADD TO CART” button below to get INSTANT ACCESS to download ’30-Dinners in 30-Days’…

VIDEO Edition $US67 | Standard Edition $US15 $17

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Q. What’s the difference between the video and standard editions?

A. They’re exactly the same but the video version contains links to videos for each recipe.

Q. Are all the recipes new?

A. The 152 page eWorkbook contains 36 recipes, some are completely new but many have been published previously on

Q. Does ’30-Dinners’ have vegetarian / vegan alternatives for the recipes?

A. Absolutely! EVERY recipe in the book includes alternatives for vegetarians. Most also include a vegan option as well.

Q. Will I need to have a computer in my kitchen?

A. Definitely not, unless that’s what you’d like. It’s up to you whether you choose to print your recipes or download them onto your smart phone, ipad or tablet.

Q. Will I be able to read the eWorkbook on my ipad, kindle fire or tablet?

A. Yes! The ebook is in pdf format. There are detailed instructions for saving to your ipad / iphone on the download page.

Q. I’m not a confident / creative cook. Will I be able to tackle the recipes and actions?

A. Yes! All recipes are easy to make and only use 5 ingredients. They’re also quick. Most recipes can be made in 15 minutes or less. The action steps are designed to keep things as simple as possible and still give you results.

Q. I have allergies. Will the recipes be suitable for me?

A. Yes! Each recipe comes with variations to suit the more common food allergies. Although if you find the recipes aren’t suitable for you, you can always request a refund.

Q. I prefer print books. Is ’30-Dinners’ available as a traditional book?

A. I’m afraid not. All my books are ebooks except for my print books ‘And the Love is Free’ and ‘5-Ingredients 10-Minutes’. But I know plenty of people who buy my ebooks and print them themselves.

More Questions?

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