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In December 2008 I couldn’t believe my luck. I still remember being so so excited and a little surprised that I had won the equivalent of the food lover’s lottery – Yes I had secured a reservation at the best restaurant in the world. I was off to elBulli.

And that’s how I came to find myself spending a wonderful six weeks in a little apartment in the beautiful city of Barcelona. When I started research for my trip, I was lucky in making some contacts through the good old friend-of-friends network. These were an invaluable resource for recommendations of where to stay and shop and what to eat. It was because of these brilliant people that I had such a wonderful time in Barcelona.

So when I found myself stranded in Ireland with the whole Icelandic volcanic ash incident, I took it as a sign to return to Barca for a few blissful days to catch up with friends and visit all the places I had missed out on last year.

This ebook is intended as a guide to anyone who loves food and is heading to the beautiful city of Barcelona. I hope the recommendations included in these pages inspire you to make the most of your time in the Catalan capital. It’s also for anyone who love a bit of arm chair (or desk top) travel and is interested in Spanish and Catalan food culture. It’s for those who would like to experience a little of what it’s like to eat, shop and cook in this magical part of the world.

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    *How to eat like a Catalan
    *My top 10 places to eat in and around Barcelona
    *Where to go for the best tapas, both modern and old-school
    *Which casual and formal restaurants you cannot miss
    *Where to find the best sweet treats and bars
    *My top 20 things that you absolutely must eat in Barcelona
    *The best places to shop for food both in the markets and beyond
    *Recipes for some classic (and not so classic) Spanish dishes such as jamon bocadillo, almond gazpacho, arroz con chorizo, bread & tomato salad, romesco sauce, paella and super simple broccoli
    *A brief introduction to Spanish wine and other beverages
    *how I recently spent two days eating in Barcelona
    *a few accommodation suggestions
    *where to shop for your non-food needs
    *recommended reading – book to get you in a Spanish mood
    * And much more including a food lovers’ walking tour


* How to visit every church, museum, art gallery and Gaudi building. This isn’t a normal travel guide – it’s all about the food.
* Anything practical about the transport system in Barcelona or how to get to and from the airport.
* Any other mundane (read: non-food) travel information that can be found in any number of guide books.


barcelona for food lovers 3D cover‘BARCELONA for FOOD LOVERS’ is ON SALE for only $9.95.

As a digital eBook you will be able to download and start reading immediately.

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Thanks! Just bought the ebook – it is definitely very useful. I tend to plan trips around meals as well and given I know I only have 7 days in Barcelona was starting to stress I could not fit everything in. This gives me a chance to stay focused when things get a little out of hand….and I can show the husband that icecream for dinner is a reality for other people as well 🙂

Steve Sagman

A friend who loves your blog sent me a link to your ebook and I have some amazing coincidences to share. We were supposed to leave NYC for Barcelona this past Monday but our flight was cancelled due to volcanic ash, so we’re headed to Barcelona in mid-June instead. You went to Barcelona because of the ash. We didn’t get to Barcelona because of the ash but if it weren’t for the ash we’d have never seen your book in time!

And we’re already reserved at the Casa Camper, recommended to us by a friend months ago.

So thanks for your great ebook. I’ve already enjoyed it, and I’m really looking forward to following your recommendations!

tracy in barcelona

I started reading your post and thought you’d been following me around town last week: lunch at the counter at the Santa Caterina Market, ice cream at Belgious (and patatas bravas from Bar Tomas – the best!)… all greats! Your Barcelona book looks fabulous — good luck!


Oh, man, you hit up all my favorites and found a couple I managed to miss during my four months in Barcelona. Clearly I need to go back… thanks for the quick trip down memory lane. 🙂


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Jules Clancy [that’s me] is a full time food blogger and the type of girl who plans her holidays around restaurant reservations.

I’m a writer, photographer, food scientist, reformed winemaker, runner and aspiring minimalist. I live in Australia.

I was fortunate enough to dine at elBulli in December 2009 – a superlative food experience.

While discovering new places to eat and drink is one of my obsessions, I also love spending time in my kitchen and have been blogging about my simple [5 ingredients | 10 minutes] recipes over at Stonesoup since late 2005.

I’ve always loved the challenge of thinking up the perfect restaurant recommendation for friends, family and colleagues. There are few things more rewarding than racking your brains for the ideal venue, recommending it and then getting rave reviews.

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