Do you struggle with healthy cooking on a budget?

Is money tight at the moment? Are you tired of making compromises because you can’t afford to eat fresh and healthy? Do you hate worrying if you have enough money to pay for the groceries?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then you may be an ideal candidate for the ‘How to Master the Art of Cooking on a Budget’ class…

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In ‘How to Master the Art of Cooking on a Budget’, I’ll show you…

How to feed yourself on $5 a day or less.

27 inexpensive recipes that are delicious and healthy.

The secret to mastering the art of seasoning – make your cooking taste amazing – without spending more than a few extra cents.

How to stop wasting valuable food $$ by learning the best way to store your fresh produce.

Reduce waste with the insider’s guide to best before dates.

Most recipes contain only 5 ingredients, which means they’re quick and easy to shop for AND cook.

Never struggle with different dietary requirements again. Each recipe contains 4 suggestions for variations – over 100 ideas.

25 tips for minimizing your food costs.

Plus! Keep the course forever with the FREE video eCookbook
($47 value).

Some examples of budget-friendly recipes
I’ll show you how to make…

Not sure about taking an online class?

True, it’s not the same as a face-to-face class – there aren’t any free samples to taste! But here are some of the benefits of learning online…

  • You only pay a fraction of the price of a face to face class.
  • Learn from the comfort of home with your own ingredients & equipment.
  • Save on transport / parking / babysitting hassles.
  • Learn in your own time and pace.
  • Share your learning experience with your partner / family.
  • Recipes are customised for your dietary requirements / preferences.
  • No getting lumped in to cook with a group of strangers.
  • Learn from anywhere – even if you need to travel.

How much time will I need to complete the material?

You’ll just need 1-2 hours to go through all the content. You can take it as fast or slow as you like. You can even learn in little 5 minute bites – whatever works best for you.

You’ll have access FOR LIFE so if things are a bit hectic now, you can plan time that works for you in the future. And you can keep the course forever with the FREE video eCookbook ($47 value).

Here’s what people are saying about classes at the Stonesoup Virtual Cookery School…

Ashley from the US
The recipes are quick, easy and always tasty. The best part is the “magic” of how just 5 ingredients (give or take) are used to create a really flavorful, seemingly complicated dish.

Nathalie from Europe
What I like most is how Jules tries to make the recipes easy to understand for everybody and the beautiful pictures which make your mouth water. Also it’s nice to be able to take in the lessons at whichever rhythm you’re comfortable with, be it quicker or slower.

Lieve from Europe.
I like Jules no nonsense style … She doesn’t use fancy equipment and she uses a lot of veggies … It is easy and tastes fantastic! I can do the classes whenever I want… Right now I lie in my bed… It is 01:35 … My husband is snoring…

J from the US.
I would, and have, recommended The Stonesoup Virtual Cookery School to others. Yours is the first site I’ve found that does “simple and healthy” food that really IS quick and fantastically tasty. And, finally, as an U.S. member, I love to experience the culinary perspective of another country!

B Jonas from the US
I like that it’s at my own pace and I can watch the videos multiple times. Cooking classes around here can be $60-150 for one hour to learn 1 or 2 recipes. This is so much more cost effective!

Ken, SVCS Student.
“The biggest benefit to me has been savings in time and money

Debbie, SVCS Student.
“Definitely, worth every penny. Rather than focus on strict recipes, it teaches how to cook”

60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge OrangeIf you aren’t happy with the class, just email me []. You’ll get a 100% full, prompt and friendly refund. We part as friends. No questions asked. All the risk is on me. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

‘Pay What You Can Afford’

The suggested price is $47, but if you can only afford $10 or even $2 that’s fine too.

Click the “ADD TO CART” button below to choose your preferred currency and get INSTANT ACCESS to ‘Mastering the Art of Cooking on a Budget’.

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After payment, check your email for the link to setup your login details and start learning straight away.

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PLEASE NOTE: I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to keep offering the class as a ‘pay what you can afford’ so signup today to make sure you don’t miss out on this great deal.

Ken, SVCS Student.
“The biggest benefit to me has been savings in time and money

Thanks for supporting Stonesoup!

With Love,
Jules x


Q. How does an online class work?
A. The course is designed to be completed in your own time. You have access for life. All the material is pre-recorded and uploaded to the password protected web site. All recipes include a short instructional video, detailed problem solving guide and at least 4 variations. You also get a FREE video eCookbook ($47 value) to download and keep forever.

Q. Does the class have vegetarian / vegan alternatives for the recipes?

A. Absolutely! I spent a month eating vegetarian so I know what it’s like. EVERY recipe includes alternatives for vegetarians. Most also include a vegan option as well.

Q. Will I need to have a computer in my kitchen?

A. Definitely not, unless that’s what you’d like. It’s up to you whether you choose to print your recipes or download them onto your smart phone, ipad or tablet.

Q. Will I be able to read the eCookbook / take the class on my ipad or tablet?

A. Yes! The ebook is in pdf format. There are detailed instructions for saving to your ipad on the download page.

Q. Is this really going to make a difference to my cooking?

A. I believe that with the right instruction, anyone and everyone can create healthy food that tastes delicious no matter how small your budget. Which is why I’m offering this class as a ‘pay what you can afford’ deal. But you must be willing to step up and give it a try. The only way you’ll get results is to take action, which of course is something that only you can control. Remember I’m here to help. I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Q. I’m not a confident / creative cook. Will I be able to tackle the recipes?

A. Absolutely! Most of the recipes have a maximum of 5 ingredients. I’ve made them as simple and easy to follow as possible. Each recipe includes a video where I show you step-by-step exactly what to do and how it’s meant to look at every step.

Q. My internet connections isn’t great, can I take the class offline?

A. Yes! Just download the class ebook to your computer or tablet and you’ll be able to read everything offline. You will need to connect to the internet if you want to watch the videos but everything is covered in written form as well.

Q. I have allergies. Will the recipes be suitable for me?

A. My Dad is allergic to dairy, wheat, eggs and peas so I have some experience with allergies. Each recipe comes with variations to suit the more common food allergies. And you can always ask for suggestions if you have specific needs.

Q. What if I’m really busy at the moment?

A. That’s fine. If you signup for the program it will be ready and waiting for you when you are ready to take it. You’ll have LIFETIME access to the class online. AND you can keep the FREE video eCookbook forever.

More Questions?

Please email me: jules[at]thestonesoup[dot]com