Praise for ‘How to Love Your Waistline’

“This is so much more than a cookbook — it is a roadmap to a better, healthier lifestyle!”

– Ken.


“The new version of Love your waistline is truly the best cookbook I’ve seen.”

– Susan.


“I’d sort of fallen off the Paleo wagon after having lost 44 pounds. I’d recently regained four pounds, so it was a pleasure to see the forgiving nature of Jules’ new edition.

It positively welcomed me back into the fold. “Do things in your own way, on your own schedule” is one of its two major messages. “The perfect is the enemy of the good” is the other.

Happily, I lost three of the unwanted four regained pounds in the first week.

The volume is very well organized—one.

Another useful feature is the emphasis on ease of preparation.

Most recipes don’t take much more than half an hour to make.”

– Leonie.


“I would recommend the book because there are lots of delicious recipes, lots of choice and useful variations. A great book, lovely layout and it made me hungry when I was reading it!”

– Linda.


“I would recommend this book, first of all, because it is full of variety.

It also contains recipes that are simple to prepare, and that require ingredients that I mostly already have in my pantry or fridge.

Some of the benefits of ‘How to Love Your Waistline and Your Food – 2nd Edition’ are;

1. Simple but delicious recipes following the stonesoup model.

2. Healthy ingredients that won’t make me feel deprived in taste or variety.

3. Lots of snack ideas! I am not a big snacker but I have a family and they love to snack.

I love the science in the beginning, it is helpful but not hard to understand. And not too wordy!

Just the perfect amount of information and recipes- great balance.”

– Elizabeth


“I would definitely recommend “How to Love Your Waistline and Your Food”. I love that the recipes are simple AND delicious (AND good for you!).

I do not love cooking, however this book allows me to easily make meals that actually taste good and are good for us.

I have been surprised at the range of recipes and the ease at which I have been able to prepare them.

Although I haven’t actually kept track, I feel certain we have saved money on our grocery bill.

My biggest recommendation would be that we feel better eating fresh simple meals!!

The recipes are so easy to make and so delicious.

There is such a wonderful variety of foods – something for any occasion.”

– Jane


“I would absolutely recommend ‘How to Love Your Waistline and Your Food’.

This new edition is not “just another diet book,” but rather a health guide book of sorts centering on real, whole, unadulterated foods.

You aren’t required to search for obscure or overly expensive ingredients, or purchase new equipment.

Recipes are incredibly simple and cheat sheet guides are provided for even further simplification or adjusting to taste.

It’s also much more than just the recipes.

The lessons provide easy baby steps for someone just beginning to dip their toe into low carb eating, but there’s enough there to challenge and inspire those well versed in this approach.

I love that Jules continues a thread of “try this…listen to your body…pay attention to how your body feels” throughout the lessons.

This isn’t about dropping 15 pounds before a special event (although I suspect it could work for that).

It’s about understanding your current habits, identifying and implementing changes, and making those new healthier changes become new, sustainable habits.

Recipes are easily adaptable to accommodate others who aren’t limiting their carb intake.

This would be an excellent companion to the meal plans.”

– Samantha .


“This book is a game changer for me.

Thanks to Jules’ personal sharing and enthusiasm for this project, she has me feeling confident, curious and ready to dig in and get cooking.

This is from a person who has been fighting a losing battle with weight all her life (I’m 67 and 100 lbs overweight) and who has been threatening for decades now to have an “accident” in the kitchen and turn it into a den – stocked with take-out menus!

Add to that I have never enjoyed cooking, which in turn sabotaged my efforts as well as my pantry.

The construction of this book surprised me because I was expecting the typical cookbook with recipes geared to help with better eating with a little something for inspiration. But this is so very much more!

The wealth of information Jules shared at the beginning of the book was a mixture of things I knew and some new perspectives on how I could make changes without looking at a strict diet. Useful information on how to make changes that don’t require a manual and a calculator – or guilt.

Many of the recipes have ingredients I am not familiar with, which should have made me close the book, but Jules introduces them in such a simple and positive way that I feel encouraged to give it a go.

I have more than 2 dozen recipes book marked already, but that is only a start. There are photos with each recipe which gives me a better idea of what I am about to make and I find that a big help.

All these recipes and photos were interesting and I expect they will be useful but what really got me enthused was what came after them.

The Daily Lessons got me hooked.

These lessons are designed to walk me through the processes of changing habits, changing the way I think about food and preparing it.

The day-by-day approach is a great way to assimilate a lot of information but not overwhelm.

Jules gives a lot of in depth information in a very easy to understand way.

Personally I find it helpful to understand why/how things work and that is what this book presents to the reader/cook. And as always Jules’ personable comments and encouragement are right there each step of the way.

The daily lessons are pretty comprehensive: how to purchase ingredients and store them, how to determine the best amount of food you need to eat, what to put in the refrigerator and what to put in the freezer, how to maximize your use of what you buy and minimize what you may need to throw, and so much more!

Just when I thought Jules had given me all I needed to get started, I found the Bonus Lessons.

These, too, are Jules sharing from the heart about the best practices in practical ways to approach food. There is a section of Fasting, and the various approaches to consider. Being aware of what you are eating and how you are eating. Being more intentional about exercise and moving your body. How sleep can affect your body’s efficiency.

This book has practical application as just a cookbook or just a book on changing habits and mindset for better health and weight loss.

Lucky for me they are included in one book which I intend to use quite a bit!”

– Bonnie


“I would absolutely recommend this ebook! It has that Jules signature which I love; the recipes are so simple yet so full of flavour.

From a healthy eating point of view I also think these are recipes and tips that people could easily integrate into their daily life, without feeling they’re on a diet, missing out on good things, it being too much of a hassle, …

I also love all the substitutions/variations.

Somehow, the way the recipes are written, in addition to the variations, teaches you how to cook rather than how to follow a recipe. And that’s so great!

I love trying out new recipes, but I’m so happy to be able to reproduce them without having to check back. There’s something intuitive to it.

Sometimes you just have to know how to assemble the right flavours and textures. Even a salad can be amazing!

I see people around me wanting to live healthier lives, cook their own meals, etc… and they start out with such complicated recipes, which either fail or discourage people from cooking ever again. And that’s what I love about Jules’ recipes.

Less is more!

I’ve been working on my eating habits for quite a while now, so I wasn’t really looking for a guide to it, but I did appreciate that aspect of the book and think many would benefit from it.

Waste avoidance strategies and knowing if and how to prep ahead are always welcome, too.

Also, almond meal hummus! Amazing!!”

– Evelyne


“I like that the ebook guides you to make changes step by step to your lifestyle rather than just providing low calorie recipes. The recipes I have tried so far have been delicious and I love Jules’ approach which provides a lot of flexibility. As a vegetarian, I am not able to cook all recipes as written so I appreciate all the ideas for adapting recipes to ones own tastes. The simplicity of the recipes combined with the flexibility means I am more likely to stick to these recipes.
The ebook also provides mini lessons with an actionable step per day over a month which I feel is more sustainable over time. Consistency is something I have often lacked where it comes to healthy eating, so the gradualness is very appealing to me. I like that the tips are not just about how to eat less, but rather how to prepare healthy meals easily and efficiently. Jules’ approach also encourages less spending on food (through cooking pantry meals, substituting ingredients and helpful tips on correct food storage of various ingredients) and less time spent cooking. Even if you like cooking, like me, it is hard to find enough time every day for a fancy meal. These simple recipes are so convenient, particularly during the week. It certainly reduces my stress levels too to know that I can get a meal on the table pretty quickly and easily adapt a recipe for different tastes. Thanks Jules for encouraging healthy food habits. I’ve already found a few recipes that I will keep making over and over in this ebook!”

– Alys.


“I have come to trust Jules through her website and blog. Time and again Jules has given us her easy recipes, her thorough knowledge of cooking and nutrition in a way that is helpful and inspiring to make what works for you.

Secondly are her recipes. Try cabbage, eggs and cheese (really?),chunky cashew pesto on veggies she said. I tried them and love them.

I would highly recommend this book! Not only is Jules highly qualified as a food scientist and blogger, this ebooks keeps with her philosophy of simplicity, ease of design and accessibility. Each day is clearly laid out and with her guidance.

She encourages you to make steps toward health in small increments that will become lasting changes. She gives you sound principles to help you take action.

As always she provides alternatives. When you can’t use dairy, or have other family members who want more carbs or if you don’t have the listed ingredients on hand she has suggestions. She offers a starting point and wants you to do what will work for your life.

I cannot believe the amount of information included. Everything from stocking your pantry, to understanding how your body reacts to carbs, mindfully eating and habit building.

It is provided in a way that is clear and concise and doesn’t feel overwhelming. She is never preachy or moralizing. In fact, this is a total picture of what a healthy eating lifestyle looks like and how you can do it with few ingredients and enjoy tasty food.

Thank you, Jules! You are an inspiration.!”

– Lori.


“I loved learning how to eat in ways that help my body to burn fat, while not being hungry.”
– Ophelia


“I actually have a copy of the 1st edition of the book, so I compared the two. The 2nd edition has a better intro section and improved options for lunches – which is the meal I struggle with the most, because most cookbooks and diet books suggest just eating leftovers or a salad, which I really hate. I like to look forward to my work lunch but don’t have a lot of time to get it ready. I’m also really excited to try the breakfast recipes. I also really like the healthy-ish snack a dessert options, because these are realistic components of a normal diet. I really love the variations for each recipe. For me, I like it because, as I said before, I’m mostly vegetarian and it gives me options, but I know sometimes I will overlook a recipe if I don’t have or don’t like one of the ingredients. I wasn’t sure if I would like a 2nd edition of the book – would the changes only be cosmetic? But it would be reasonable for people who have the first edition to also purchase this version. ”

– Kersten.


“I would recommend ‘How to Love Your Waistline’ because first, it is readable. Jules’ personality comes through — it’s as if she’s in the kitchen, talking about her family and her journey to wellness and inviting you to join. It’s not so much a challenge as it is an invitation to an adventure.

Secondly, Jules admits that this is hard. And it is! There are road bumps and travel delays on an adventure. My luggage gets lost in the microwave. My child might not want to join. My husband likes peanut butter. And Jules understands, and patiently waits. Every.step.of.the.way.

She’s also very funny.

Thirdly, the book is very well written. It’s a pleasure to just sit and read it, almost like a book of short stories. There are pull-out boxes. It needs a humor section (“Kitchen Disasters I Have Survived”); maybe
a few fun facts and jokes, but otherwise it’s just a fine read. I might even re-read it.”

– Wendy.


“Yes, of course I’d recommend it because of the high quality recipes and the high calibre nutritional information and advice and the ease and simplicity of following both.”

– Penny.


“I had absolutely no reservations about reading the new edition of Love Your Waistline and Your Food. As an owner of the original edition, I was interested to see what the new one would be like. I also anticipated that it would be helpful to me as a borderline pre-diabetic.
I would definitely recommend the second edition. For anyone who is “flirting” with, or has diabetes, it is a must have. The reason I say that is that 1) it educates you about the things you need to know to take good care of yourself, and about mindset; 2) it has tons of great recipes that allow you to eat well and never be deprived; 3) the approach is both positive and personal – relating diet and mindset to a real person makes it easier to try the lifestyle; 4) it is a life-style cookbook rather than a restrictive diet cookbook; (I was looking at low-carb cookbooks on Amazon recently, and was very put off by how restrictive those books were.) 5) all the variations. It is a book of possibilities.
I like that one can have it on their phone as well as their computer, so it is available whenever and wherever you need it.
Jules, you have outdone yourself with this book! Quite a few of the recipes are already on my regular rotation for cooking. The daily lessons at the end were a real surprise, and they are very helpful. I appreciate your willingness to educate us, to ease our journey into dealing with diabetes (or almost diabetes), and to show us that one can live and eat in a positive way even when confronting what for me, at least, is a dreaded disease. It is difficult to read what you have written and still end up with a deprived mindset. This is the first cookbook I’ve ever read where I don’t automatically have to skip the dessert section. Bottom line: I really appreciate who you are and what you do.”

– Susan.


“I feel so grateful to Jules Clancy. Over the years she has made my life easier and richer with her expertise and generosity. I subscribe to her Meal Plans – a life-saver. Her writing and presenting style is characterised by energy, enthusiasm and generosity. When you read her blogs and books or watch her videos you will feel as if you’ve just made a new friend.”

– Penny.


“I have lost 35 pounds so far by making Jules’ Love Your Waistline principles the centerpiece of my weight loss program!”
– Mary A.


“Love the book. Well presented and appealing. I want to rush and cook it all. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to go ‘paleo’ but not in such a hard way. I’d also recommend it to dieters who want to change for life not just the diet.”
– Jean


“I would recommend this to anyone who wants to be healthy and to eat a wide variety of cuisines as well as vegetables. It’s an approach that can be a lifetime healthy one and certainly not a diet.”
– Miriam


“I think your book is outstanding!! It exceeds every expectation. An incredible collection of recipes. As someone who loosely follows a paleo diet it was so exciting to find countless new meal ideas…”
– Anonymous


“It’s much more than a cookbook, there is so much other information in there. It’s all put very simply, easy to follow and understand, broken down into easy to follow steps.”
– Emily



‘How to Love Your Waistline and Your Food’ Review

by Penny Hanley.

Jules Clancy has degrees in Food Science and in Wine, as well as a certificate in Health Coaching. Her blog has been improving readers’ lives for nine years now with its entertaining and insightful information about nutrition and how to cook simple, healthy recipes that take hardly any time to prepare.

She has the knack of making healthy cooking fun.

At her blog and website you’ll find a goldmine of easily digested information and this book is the latest of a long series of excellent e-books. Love Your Waist Line and Your Food: A food lover’s guide to healthy cooking and eating habits in 28 days includes a low-carbohydrate eating plan, simple recipes for meals, snacks and sweet treats, and much more, all written in Jules Clancy’s accessible style.

Why go low-carb?

Carbohydrates affect blood sugar levels, creating a roller-coaster of highs and lows that you’ll notice in big fluctuations in your energy. Carbs are addictive, they interfere with hormones such as the ones that regulate hunger and the feeling of fullness, they affect brain health, feed cancer cells and give you wrinkles.

If these reasons are enough for you, read on.

Jules Clancy makes it easy to minimise carbs. She understands that everyone is unique, each with our own blend of taste preferences, genes and biochemistry’ and she shares strategies for finding a balance that suits – between enjoying our favourite foods and achieving health goals.

She’s not a fanatic about food preferences. While trying to avoid grain, sugar and starch for the most part, she recommends planning one meal off a week for indulging in whatever you’re craving. As she puts it, ‘It’s amazing how knowing you can have something on Saturday makes it so much easier to say no for now.’

This book has techniques to keep you motivated and some intriguing new insights about exercise and what it will do for you and what it won’t.

There’s a low-carb pantry makeover, information on intermittent fasting, avoiding waste, and how to make habits work for you.

Jules Clancy tells us that the best book on this that she read was James Clear’s Atomic Habits. When I looked it up in Canberra’s public library system there were 45 reserves on it. If each of those people borrows it for three weeks – I’ll let you do the maths! We can buy the book or the author gives a hyperlink for a short video giving practical examples of how habits work.

Jules Clancy always shares other ways of doing things. This book actually contains vastly more recipes than it appears to since with every one she gives alternative suggestions and variations, substituting different proteins or making a recipe dairy free or nut free or more substantial – or less. She has wonderful suggestions abut how to make low-carb versions of favourite recipes, such as spaghetti bolognaise and bread. And the substitutes do taste good.

All the recipes I’ve tried easily pass the taste test.

The author has her Irishman and this reviewer’s equivalent is my Englishman, who is also partial to a few carbs. These recipes satisfied even him. They are just so tasty that people don’t realise that they happen to be low in carbohydrates.

With Jules Clancy’s methods of transitioning to a low carb life there is no guilt or shame involved and no forbidden foods, just enthusiastic guidance towards a more wholesome, healthier you from someone who really knows her stuff.

If you’re a novice at nutrition and want to go in a healthier direction with the bonus of losing weight this is an excellent guide – the author has the gift of transforming complex information into accessible language. Her style is so easy to read it’s as if she is sitting at your kitchen table sharing a pot of tea and a warm conversation.

If you’ve travelled further on the low carb nutritional journey I’d still recommend this book because of its new insights and new and delicious recipes, sweet as well as savoury, plus the information in this e-book will reinforce your positive habits.

I haven’t tried every recipe here but all I have tried, several from each category, have been an outstanding success. I love her Chocolatey Coconut Granola, the Coconut Pancakes, Zuccini Bread and my absolute favourite breakfast – which I often have for lunch – is Harissa Scrambled Eggs. It is addictive.

The Best Ever Broccoli Salad really lives up to its name. The Bistro Paté, very high in iron, tastes like it does in France. I love it with salad or on sandwiches for lunch.

My Englishman and I found the Spiced Chicken and Onions with Hummus an exciting new combination of flavours – absolutely delicious. Her Cheesy Broccoli is a firm favourite, although only with me – the author categorises it as a girls’ night in type of food and my Englishman and our boys concur: they call it ‘Girlie Food’. (No chillies? I find a couple of shakes of dried chillis is just as good.)

Chimmichurri is something I’d never heard of before reading about it in this book. Jules tells us that it is an Argentinian sauce that they usually serve with steak. That would account for my ignorance of it: I hate steak. Here, in Minute Chicken with Green Olive Chimmichurri, she serves the sauce with chicken. Which was excellent.

It even worked well when I didn’t follow her suggestion of having it with steamed beans or salad greens on the side. Instead, I had her Okaonomiyaki (Japanese Cabbage ‘pancake’), which had a very weird list of ingredients, all of them good for you but I couldn’t imagine would taste anything but peculiar at best and inedible at worst.

But no, Jules Clancy did it again – that weird combination of cabbage, soy sauce, eggs, almond meal and sesame seeds with mayonnaise actually worked beautifully and went well with her Chicken with Green Olive Chimmichurri.

This e-book is easy to use.

You can save recipes in different locations – on your laptop, iPhone or iPad – or print out relevant recipes or indeed the entire wonderful book on good old-fashioned paper.

There is a Search Function that will save a lot of time as well as Bookmarks to help navigation plus the author includes relevant hyperlinks to extend the reach of this fantastic resource.

I feel so grateful to Jules Clancy. Over the years she has made my life easier and richer with her expertise and generosity. I subscribe to her Meal Plans – a life-saver. Her writing and presenting style is characterised by energy, enthusiasm and generosity. When you read her blogs and books or watch her videos you will feel as if you’ve just made a new friend.


Reviewer bio
Penny Hanley is a Canberra based writer. She has written over 80 book reviews for The Canberra Times and other publications as well as film reviews and journal articles on health and women. She has had four non-fiction books published as well as two novels. Her website is