Ready to Up Your Cooking Game
in 2015?

What exactly is the Stonesoup Virtual Cookery School?

It’s a collection of comprehensive video based training programs that teaches YOU how to become your best cooking self.


1. OVER 25 ONLINE COOKING CLASSES where I’ll show you…

Simple tools and strategies to make real lasting changes to your cooking habits so you can ‘eat well and be well’.

My revolutionary 2-Minute Meal Planning method to help you plan and cook healthy food fast.

How to master the art of cooking without recipes.

The easiest way to be more organized in the kitchen.

How to make simple, healthy meals in 15 minutes or less.

Inspiration to get out of your cooking rut.

Plus! Master any or all of the following: healthy lunches, stress-free entertaining, soups, 5-minute salads, slow cooking, curries, healthy Thai cooking, easy bread making and more!

2. GRAB-AND-GO TRAINING focused on skills and techniques such as:
Substituting ingredients
Combining flavours
One pot cooking
Stir frying
Basics like knife skills.
And many more…

Each recipe comes with:
Clear, simple video AND written instructions.
5 Ingredients or less.
Variations for dietary requirements or missing ingredients.
A problem solving guide to help you avoid common mistakes.
PLUS! Most meals can be made in minutes.


Your membership includes OVER 25 classes…

IN-DEPTH PROGRAMS (4-8 weeks each)
TOC2014 square logo NEW HMM2013 square logoMYMP2013 square logosolve your dinner dilemma [fresh ideas] logo5 habits class logoreclaim your waistline15 minute meals logo

SHORT PROGRAMS (1-2 weeks each)
SFE square logolunch square logoweekend square logoSQC square logopreserves class logobudget class logoveggie cooking logoslowcooking logomade with love logo5 minute salads logocurry logocarnivore logosoupbread making logoicecream without a machine

PLUS! You’ll get access to all NEW programs that are released while your membership is active…



The Stonesoup Virtual Cookery School has helped
thousands of people like YOU!

Carol, SVCS Member.
“You have changed my life! I never really thought I’d get into cooking, or be any good at it. Your simple recipes and especially your videos and attitude have given me inspiration and confidence. Really dramatic change for me. I can’t thank you enough.”

Julie, SVCS Member.
“I am also almost ready to get rid of most of my cook books, as I really only use your recipes now. In fact I tend to scan all other recipes and if there are more than 5 ingredients, or steps just pass it by. I’m looking to simplify my life, and you really have made quite a difference to that – I enjoy preparing dinner now.”

Rebecca, SVCS Member.
“I really appreciate how your (classes) have freed the way I cook. From reducing the number of ingredients, to using what I have on hand, and to your many, many other ideas: thank you. I love your approach and imagination. You have inspired me.”

Jim, SVCS Member.
“Love the videos; cooking works very well in this format.”

B Jonas, SVCS Member.
“I like that it’s at my own pace and I can watch the videos multiple times. Cooking classes around here can be $60-150 for one hour to learn 1 or 2 recipes. This is so much more cost effective!”

Samantha, SVCS Member.
“Even if you do know how to cook – this is still useful – tremendously beneficial, different approach for me – a whole different way of thinking how I approach my meals.”

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The SVCS is soo much MORE than just a bunch of recipes. It gives you easy-to-follow tools to make your cooking more simple, delicious, healthy and fun! Plus encouragement and inspiration to make real changes in your life.



5 Years $US497 | 12 Months $US197

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60 Day 100% Money Back GUARANTEE

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