Soupstones Meal Plans have already helped thousands of people like YOU...

Carolyn, Soupstones Member.
“I’m so happy with the monthly meal plans! It’s the best money I have spent in a long while and consider it a very small price to pay for weekly inspiration!”

Marjorie, Soupstones Member.
“I’ve been using the Soupstone meal plans for awhile and wondering how much longer I would keep subscribing to them. Stonesoup and Soupstone have trained me so well I amaze myself and my husband with how I can make dinner without going to the grocery store, by just standing in front of the fridge and pantry.
Moving forward, the cooking school with access to all the recipes, books, videos and special subjects will be perfect for me. I find it easy to pull up 3 or so recipes at the market depending what’s fresh and on sale and do a quick shop from that. I am inspired by the special subjects published onsite, too — helps me grow my nutritional, multicultural, and food safety knowledge, to name a few!
Thank you so much for all your hard work! I really benefit from it!”

Carla, Soupstones Member.
“A M A Z I N G. It’s been incredible. I know exactly what’s in my fridge, food is quick to prepare and I can finally sit down to a meal with my boyfriend instead of slaving away on these elaborate meals for each of us. I’ve already lost some weight (having gained a couple of kilos while I was away earlier in the month), I’m learning to feel satisfied and my sweet cravings are gone. The sink is no longer overflowing with dishes, my wallet isn’t bleeding and when I’m tired, everything is so simple I just get on with it rather than entertain the thought of eating out. The battle of, “what do I make, what ingredients do I have? I better walk to the shops on my way home then, but I’m just so tired” is over. My mind feels free and I feel happier than I have in a long time.
The best bit is that my boyfriend – who wasn’t entirely supportive of the expense – has declared, “I COULD EAT THIS EVERY NIGHT!”. That was your butterbean cabonara. He was in love. I got the same response with the kale and chorizo. He’s already asked for the cabonara more than once since. It’s been a long time since I’ve had that kind of reaction, and given the amount of effort required (very little), that is just the best response, better than I could hope for.
You’ve helped me reconnect with my love of cooking, and you’ve helped me achieve the freedom I’ve been craving. It’s SO nice to end the mental battle and get my weight back in control. Walking the dog after doing hours of cooking and cleaning is was something that I used to resent. Now I have time to do it before it gets dark without returning to a sink full of dishes or a huge meal to cook, I have energy to spend time with her and I’m loving having the time to relax and watch her smile and sniff her way around the neighbourhood. I feel like evenings at home just become that much more meaningful and my time at the sink has been exchanged for time with my boyfriend. I’m so excited for “5 ingredients 10 minutes” to arrive, I feel like it’s gotta be any day now! I just want to marvel at all the great food that can be made so easily.
I was saving this up for sharing on the board at the end of the month, but I was holding off because I feel like I’m only going to notice MORE life changing experiences from the program by that time. It’s important to me that you know what a huge impact you’ve had, and I truly can’t thank you enough.
Thank you for everything you do, your tremendous skill, knowledge, creativity, and thank you for the gift of the SVCS. My only regret is that I didn’t listen to my instincts and get on board with this earlier.

Laura, Soupstones Member.
“Getting a healthy and delicious dinner on the table is essential in my house. Making that process easy is necessary. Soupstones hits all of those points every week. I love the organization and the variety of options offered with each meal. This is by far the best (and yummiest) meal plan program I have used. I’m hooked!!”

Carolyn, Soupstones Member.
“I wanted to tell you that I love receiving my weekly meal plans and I’ve been making a couple of recipes every week. I’m so excited about the repertoire that I have been building thanks to you. You are so inspiring and I cook for many different palates so all the alternatives have been brilliant! All your ebooks and meal plans have been life changing for me and my family. I have spent my whole adult life in the culinary arts and at first I thought the simplicity of the recipes would be too simple. Was I ever wrong!!! I just made the kale chips with beef burger from this week’s meal plan. Everybody loved it! No stress or hours prepping. I’m looking forward to making the vegetable and white bean stew tomorrow. I’m currently on a very restricted diet because I am pre diabetic. I make three or four meals from your meal plans and e books per week. Sometimes more. There have never been any complaints, only raves! So I must give credit where credit is due! Your ideas are genius! I am so very grateful!”

Jen, Soupstones Member.
“I wanted to say a quick thanks for your amazing recipes. I’ve been a meal plan member for quite a while now, but I have a new reason to love your recipes. My son was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease. It’s been a challenge trying to learn about all the ins and outs of our new diet, but the one area we haven’t had to relearn has been your recipes. You offer so many substitutions and modifications that we can still make our favorites without much trouble. It has been such a relief to be able to fall back on your meal plans at a time when our other choices seem so overwhelming! Thank you thank you thank you! :)”

MK, Soupstones Member.
“Just a note to tell you that I’m delighted I took Clotilde Desoulier’s advice and subscribed to Soupstones. My husband and I had fun shopping for, cooking, dining on, and even cleaning up after our splendid meal of Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry. I’m a former editor-in-chief at Cooking Light magazine in the States–and a new PhD in creativity–and it’s my considered opinion that you and your business are phenomenal. Such real-world experience and considerate attention to detail! I’m so looking forward to having you inspire so many more evenings at our house. Thanks for doing what you do.”

John, Soupstones Member.
“I really like the meal plans. They organise everything for me. My shopping is much more organised. I download the meals choose the most relevant pages and print them so they are always at hand. I like the fact that you have placed a video of yourself making each meal so that your students like myself can refer to it before I cook it.

Avery, Soupstones Member.
“I’m happy to give a testimonial about the meal plans.
I look forward to Jules’ meal plans every week and I maintain a library of my favorites. I rarely make the full week of meals because of evening activities. So having the meal plan as a pdf allows me to scribble on it – crossing out the recipes I choose not to make, customizing the shopping list (LOVE having a readymade and categorized list!), and circling the variations I will try. I especially love having a weekly homemade sweet to try. I have had my own meal planning routines in the past that took a lot of time every Sunday. Now I only use the Stonesoup meal plans!

Marjorie, Soupstones Member.
“The first time I used your Soupstones Meal Plan it was because our kids had both gone off to university and I could not stop myself from buying the amount of food needed for two kids and various friends. Sticking to the meal plan helped me realize how much food to buy for just two again!
This time around, it’s helping me to keep meals simple during the week. I love to cook, but I kept deciding to make meals during the week that took too much time. The meals on your plan are fresh, delicious and fast, and the shopping list keeps me on track.
Thank you again!”

Sarah, Soupstones Member.
“I can’t tell you how surprised and touched I was to receive your welcome message to me! I have been a fan of yours since at least 2014, if not earlier. I don’t remember if I found Zen Habits through you or it was the other way around 🙂 Regardless, I feel like I know you, and to receive a personalized message from you is so special – especially in this impersonal world of the internet. As for your FOOD, I agree with the reader who said that even if it’s sometimes unclear if a recipe will taste good using so few ingredients, it always does!! We most recently enjoyed the lentilotto (I only had 5 oz of red lentils so I threw in 2oz of small green lentils and they ended up “al dente” like risotto sometimes is, which we loved). I put a few shakes of cumin into the kofta meatballs and gobbled those up as well. And your Kale Carbonara has been a long time favorite in our house! I look forward to now being a part of your meal plan group, and to seeing what you cook up for us next. Warmest wishes to you from a true fan who has benefitted for many years from your hard work and dedication!”

Helen, Soupstones Member.
“I like how simple the recipes are. I like that I do not spend a lot of money on groceries. Also, I like to buy things for 4-5 meals in advance. So I always have some meal to do. And I LOVE that I do not have to worry about what to eat. At the same time, I do not feel the plan is like a burden to me. I feel that suggestions how to replace some ingredients are super helpful and give a lot of freedom and creativity into my cooking.”

Elizabeth, Soupstones Member.
“It’s such a relief having your meal plans, shopping lists and everything else, I can’t tell you.
Coming home at the end of the day to dinner that is so quick and easy to cook and tastes so good and that I have all the ingredients for is wonderful, I wish I had done this ages ago so thank you.”

Jeroen, Soupstones Member.
“Very happy about the meal plans. I live alone and I pick 2 – 3 recipes to eat for 4 – 6 days in total. Very flexible and delicious. Easy to find ingredients, lots of alternatives offered for personalizing to my tastes. I eat more veggies than ever, and I save some money along the way. Love the storage tips and waste avoidance tips. No regrets at all, keep up the good work! From a very happy member.”

Julie, Soupstones Member.
“The menu’s are so flexible, I have alternated between meat eater, vegetarian and vegan, and I always have something quick to prepare, balanced and nutritious. I have been diagnosed diabetic now, and your meal plans have helped in lose weight in the last year, and control my blood sugar, and now use the meal plans with the vegetarian or vegan option depending how I feel on the day. My partner loves the meals too, and he is a very fussy eater. I like the options sections which help me decide what version I want, and the shopping list is great too. If I get caught out I can always access the menu with the internet on my phone, and look up the recipe and get the ingredients as I pass the store, though usually I do one shop a week, and take the shopping list to the local market. I can shop local much easier because I know what I want, I’m not aimlessly wandering hoping for inspiration to drop out of the sky.”

Marjorie, Soupstones Member.
“At first I really doubted that we would like it. Or that it would taste good because of the limited amount of ingredients.
But I followed it. And I was surprised that everything tasted good. It was delicious!”

Mary, Soupstones Member.
“Before I started the meal plans I was spending a lot of money on food that didn’t get eaten or just wasn’t utilized. So I thought spending more money on meal plans might not be the best idea since I wasn’t doing the best in the kitchen anyway. But found out it ended up saving me a ton of money so it was worth every penny.”

Marjorie, Soupstones Member.
“At first I hesitated about spending money on something that I could do myself. And I could do all this myself but I wasn’t. I’m a really good at food. I’m good at cooking. I’m really interested in it, so I should be able to do it. But with the meal plans it’s all here. You’ve done it all. It’s so easy.

Mary, Soupstones Member.
I used to sit down on Sunday afternoon and make up this ridiculously long list. I’d go through all my recipes and try to make a meal plan myself. A lot of the meals I was making were very involved and took a lot of time and a lot of ingredients. So when I started on your meal plans it really paired it down to just having minimal ingredients and it saved a lot of money it saves a lot of time and it tastes fantastic. Sometimes even better than those really involved recipes that I was making.

Daunine, Soupstones Member.

Daunine lives in the US and has been following a Paleo way of eating.

Daunine, Soupstones Member.
Daunine loves the variations right inside the meal plans. Seeing the Paleo options makes things so much easier. She finds she’s eating really healthy because the recipes are healthy. She loves that the meal plans use all whole foods and you can still get wonderful ingredients at the store. Since starting to use the meal plans Daunine only does one shop a week so she’s saving time. She also finds that she’s not spending anywhere near as much money as she had been because she’s not running to the store as often. And she’s wasting less because she’s using what she buys.

Both Daunine and her husband are food lovers. More often than not they look at each other and go “I can’t believe how good this is and it’s only got, you know this many ingredients in it. How ridiculous is it that this is so simple to do and sooo good“.


Dawn, Soupstones Member.

Dawn lives in the US and is mostly cooking for one.

Dawn, Soupstones Meal Plans Member
The biggest change is that cooking isn’t a chore any more. I used to sigh deeply. I tried meal planning in the past… I would make a list and plan out everything I needed to buy. And I wouldn’t stick to it because the day would come and I wouldn’t feel like eating that. So I wasn’t eating as well as I could have been. And I certainly wasn’t eating fresh.

So now I’m eating a lot of new things! My freezer is a lot emptier. I’m not buying pre-prepared frozen foods anymore. I’m eating much fresher, closer to source because of your (the Soupstones) shopping list. It’s cutting my costs down because I’m not having to keep a full larder all the time.

The feature I love best about the meal plans is that I can open it on Adobe Reader so I don’t have to be on the internet. As long as I have my iPad with me I can do my shopping list at the grocery store and I don’t have to write it out. Now instead of writing my shopping list on a separate piece of paper I just copy it onto the shopping list that you give me in the little section that says ‘other items’. And I don’t have to print it if I don’t want to because I can edit in Adobe Reader. So it makes it really simple for me. And there’s a whole list of things after that that will keep me going with your meal plans. I LOVE it!

Dawn, Soupstones Member
“My life is simpler, I’m eating new foods, my grocery bills have dropped, I eat substantially less processed-preprepared-frozen food, I have more time to relax!”


Crystal, Soupstones Member.

Crystal is a Canadian living in Colombia cooking for herself and her boyfriend.

Crystal, Soupstones Member.
It was so revolutionary for me as a cook. I could not boil water, and now I make all three meals for my boyfriend and me, with confidence. I actually, GASP, go off the recipe and add my own flair with what I have in my fridge or my spice rack… something that I could have never done without your meal plans holding my hand and helping me through the hard stuff – decision making. Fun bonus, all the recipes are delish!”

The biggest change for me is confidence as a cook. Before I discovered your website, the idea of boiling water was scary. But I’ve gone from only cooking for myself and not wanting anyone else to taste my food to actually inviting people over and saying ‘Come and try this meal I made, it’s really delicious!’ And now my friends are copying meals that I cooked for them. It’s just something I never imagined could happen.

The other things that’s been really helpful for me is before I used to go to the grocery store and be like a kid in a candy shop grabbing anything that I thought would make sense without having a real plan. Having a more directed grocery list and knowing exactly what I was going to do has helped me buy only the ingredients I need. So I’m wasting so much less stuff. I’m only going to the store once a week and by Friday I’ll still have ingredients for an easy healthy meal in the house. So when I’m tired I’ll still be able to cook something without having to think about it.

Another thing that’s awesome about Soupstones is all the substitutions and variations. Where I live I’m limited by the ingredients I can get but usually with the variations I can find something that works which is awesome. And if I can’t I also have the confidence to try something and know that even if she didn’t say it, this will work.


Nyssa, Soupstones Meal Plans Member.

Nyssa is a student living in Melbourne.

Nyssa, Soupstones Member.
Nyssa is in remission from an eating disorder and was encouraged by her dietician to try out Soupstones meal plans. She was hesitant at first but she loves fresh healthy food so she decided to give it a try.

Before using the meal plans Nyssa had a lot of anxiety about shopping for food so she found herself eating out or relying on meal replacement smoothies. Now she finds the Soupstones shopping list fantastic for getting her shopping done quickly without fuss. She’s eating at home much more and usually uses the second serving of each meal for lunch at uni the next day.


Sherrill, Soupstones Meal Plans Member.

Sherrill recently turned 65 and moved from New York to Philadelphia.

Sherrill, Soupstones Member.
“Prior to joining Soupstones I had determined that something needed to be done about my weight. Other than chubby, I’m quite healthy with much thanks given to the genetics that have pretty much overridden my self-abuse. And, seeing as how I recently became a member of the 65-year old community, figured this’s a last hurrah to really enjoy feeling, being and looking well.

Intrigued by Soupstones and Jules’s ever-growing, non-preachy beliefs about eating, I initially purchased one of her e-cookbooks, eventually becoming a member of the Weekly Meal Plan “club”. Jules’s recipes, philosophy, research, weekly e-mails and general chattiness continually feed and stoke the fires of my becoming more mindful, educated/questioning and cooking creatively.

In addition, shopping with the Meal Plan lists makes cooking sooooo much easier while at the same time helping cut food and money waste way back. As a single person, I am particularly happy to move from the 20-ingredient, calorie-laden, 4-to-6 servings meal to a 5-items-or less, healthy plant-based meal for two. Having always considered myself to be a good food eater [while eating too much of that good thing!] even some of the small changes [Cauliflower Rice or Zucchini Pasta] are really satisfying substitutes.

Combining Soupstones Meal Plans and Recipes with a new, regular exercise program, has had the extra added benefit of making me even healthier — and 25 pounds [1.78 stone] lighter!!!”


Donna, Soupstones Meal Plans Member.

Donna lives in the United States.

Donna, Soupstones Meal Plans Member.
“The biggest change for me is that I eat a lot more greens. Before I started learning your techniques I believed that meals needed too many ingredients and steps to be successful. So by the time I managed a meat dish with an elaborate sauce and an equally elaborate side dish, there was just no room left on the counter (or the fridge!) for a salad. Now I have salad every single day with a lovely, simple dish.

The second big change is that I’m using vegetables that I have found daunting in the past, ie: eggplant! I love that you can just bake those suckers and sprinkle on nuts and voila, dinner! I am delighted with your recipes and programs. I am eating much more healthfully and with so little fuss that I actually prefer eating at home to going out.”


Alexas, Soupstones Member.
“You are a God sent. While I know how to cook, I have such a crazy work schedule that coming up with a meal plan for the week never works out. I can never seem to get everything down to an affordable and organized list. And…..I run out of ideas fast. After working all day and being a single parent, this is the best thing I could ask for. Not to mention your monthly fee is totally within my super tight budget. You are like my personal assistant. While I don’t like some of the recipes (we aren’t big on soups and the non-meat items) it at least gives me a jump start on the week. If I only pick two or three meals, I double the recipe so we have left overs for a second night. In addition, I’m trying to eat Paleo. Your consideration for all eating styles is FABULOUS. I never have to wonder how to make the meal paleo. You’ve taken all the work out of it. I also enjoy adding my own twist to some of the recipes. Again, your starting template makes this super easy for me. The fact that the menu comes out on Thursday or Friday works great also. I would never be able to grocery shop during the week. Going on Saturday or Sunday and preparing a couple of meals on Sunday truly sets me up for a stress-less week.
Again, I am ETERNALLY grateful for your brilliance in providing such a tasty and affordable service!!!”

Bron, Soupstones Member.
“I have enjoyed your meal plans for several reasons:
1. Because they are different to the boring old things I’ve been cooking forever.
2. Because many of them are quick to prepare, which, after work, has been a bonus.
3. You approach meals in ways I have never thought of, and have got me over the imprinted thing in my head that I always had to have red, green and white vegetables at every meal.
4. You use ingredients I like to have in the kitchen anyway, but use them in ways I haven’t.
5. You have given me a renewed interest in cooking and a new joy in eating.
6. I don’t spend boring time wondering what to cook.
Thanks a lot for all of that Jules.”

Andrea, Soupstones Member.
“I’ve seriously enjoyed being a subscriber for the past year! It was a Christmas present to me from my husband, Gerald. Here’s my first time feedback after using Stonesoup for a year: Your plans are very creative and I just love the photos, the pdf format so I can adjust things, add notes, and check things off as I buy them. I also really appreciate the amazing variations you provide; it helps if an ingredient is missing in the pantry and I need to substitute or make do. Using your plans have really made a difference in the way I meal plan–Thank you so much!.”

Maria, Soupstones Member.
“Last week I cooked 4 of your meals from the meal plan & they were lovely. I have always appreciated
your website & recipes, but I didn’t appreciate fully how eating this way more ‘full time’ can radically cut down on costs & cooking times, still being delicious.”

Kindra, Soupstones Member.
“You have helped me so much with building confidence in new things and not getting stuck in a rut.
Your meal plans are easy to follow, the shopping list is awesome, and I love the hands on video tutorials. I have been searching for years for such a dinner plan and I found it in you, too many times I was derailed before I even started they were so difficult! My family knows all about you and even ask me if something is ‘one is Jules’ recipes’. You are greatly admired in my corner of the world so please don’t change a thing. I think you ROCK!”

Maddie, Soupstones Member.
“Love the meal plans. I am gaining confidence in the kitchen, saving money on groceries, and as a bonus the plans are so healthy I am loosing weight. The plans are easy to modify for one person too.”

Dylaina, Soupstones Member.
“We file Soupstones pdfs in our server and print them all – we have a dedicated shelf in our cookbook cupboard. They are very dog-eared and food-stained but we love them and all of us have favourite recipes on high rotation. My 10 and 12 year old cook a night each per week and thanks to Jules simple recipes they are very proud and capable little cooks. Our whole family talks about ‘Jules meals’ as if she is an overseas family member dispensing advice. Please thank Jules for us – shes been such a valued addition to our meal-times!”

Mary, Soupstones Member.
“I have been following your blog for more than 4 years now. Your Soupstones meal plans are a life and money saver. I have struggled with my weight again after losing 35 pounds 3 years ago with the slow carb way of eating. But with the help of Soupstones I’m eating healthier more often and saving money too.”

Des, Soupstones Member.
“It is clear that you have put in an enormous amount of care and effort into providing a site that offers enormous help to those of us who are not great cooks, who may be pressed for time, and need simple clear cut guidance in order to make best use of ingredients for lip smacking meals without unnecessary waste of food and effort. This Irishman thanks you for your guidance, food management tips and excellent recipes.”

Natalie, Soupstones Member.
“We’re loving the meal plans! It’s helped smooth out some rough spots we’ve been having around grocery shopping and planning our weeknight dinners while caring for our 1-year-old daughter. So much less stressful now! Your service is making a tangible difference in our family life every day!”

Robyn, Soupstones Member.
“I have thoroughly enjoyed my weekly menu’s and have added so many of your recipes to our family favourites.
Your ‘prep ahead’ was also a revolution to my cooking, how to save so much time & do a big weekly prep on the weekend, making the working week easier.

Shannon, Soupstones Member.
“Your meal plans have changed my life. I have struggled in the kitchen since first living on my own 11 years ago. I was never shown how to cook growing up and just don’t have a knack for it. I constantly resorted to take out and had huge grocery bills because I didn’t know what to buy and always ended up wasting half of it. I would cry in the kitchen on a weekly basis whenever I did try to cook; there are so many differing options and recipes on the internet I constantly felt a debilitating sense of overwhelm. I’ve been using your meal plans and recipes since mid-December and in just two months I feel like a new person. I’ve gained confidence in the kitchen I could’ve never imagined, saved tons of money, and as a surprise bonus, lost almost 15 pounds! I couldn’t possibly thank you enough for what you are doing.

Donna, Soupstones Member.
“I’m loving it! It makes week nights less stressful, frees up mental space as I’m not stressing over what to cook – and, as a fairly experienced cook, I can either follow you exactly when I’m tired or late home or use your recipe as the basis for my own creation when I’ve got more time. And it’s keeping our meals healthy. So money well spent in my book. I look forward to Friday’s now and seeing what you’ve got in store for the next week. A big thank you”

Ermadene, Soupstones Member.
“I love your recipes and tips so far! I have no time to plan a week’s menu and the shopping list as I’m the primary care giver for a dear close relative. Shopping is done once a week. I do 2 to 3 main dish recipes of yours over the week. It is helpful that the recipes are nutritious as well as tasty. Most of all they are quick to assemble and there are very few pots and pans to wash up.”

Robyn, Soupstones Member.
“First let me say that you have completely changed the way I look at cooking now. Your recipes are dead on what I have been looking for….easy, healthy and generally one pan / pot. Love them and my Husband even says that he’s surprised at how good a cook I have become.”

Cheryl, Soupstones Member.
“My husband and I are loving the Soupstones Plans. We have gone from eating out for most meals to eating in about four nights a week. I’ve planned meals in the past that were too complicated and couldn’t bring myself to cook them after working all day. Now, I buy the ingredients listed each week in the plan and put them together into meals each night we don’t have other plans and will be home. I feel very powerful and happy having the ability to consistently create a meal from what is already in the house and it feels rather miraculous. We can eat something we really like within the hour of getting home, have the kitchen cleaned back up and have the rest of the evening free before we would get home in the past. Thank you!”

Jane, Soupstones Member.
“I’m a fan (the simple soba noodle soup from way back is one of my all time favorites) and am enjoying the meal plans.…I signed on with three goals:
1. eat more healthfully
2. save money on groceries
3. {hopefully} lose weight
I’ve been tracking my data and I’d say I’m doing quite nicely on 1 and 2 so far (i think #3 is more my poor intermittent snacking habit…although I did find the sweet potato and red curry soup a wonderful foil for my puffed cheetos cravings!)
I love the “add veg” option for the ‘more healthfully’ part and the cost is coming in at an average of $50 USD a plan.
I also appreciate that when you call for 2T heavy cream that not too many days later we put more of that cream to use in another recipe so as not to waste.”

Ben, Soupstones Member.
There is a wealth of knowledge on stonesoup that I use to simplify my cooking. I come from low fat cooking (which helped me slim down but also fatten up again) and have religiously cooked out of your Love Your Waistline ebook for about 10 months now. The new Tasty and Healthy I have started using more and more, and now I have great suggestions with the meal planning, to spice up the variety. I really like the variations you provide as am aiming for slowcarb/paleo 95% of the time. I’m going to party the other 5% of the time with all these awesome recipes…Thank-you once again.”

Sonia, Soupstones Member.
“Thank you so much for a year’s worth of meal plans. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed receiving them as I am converted to a real foodie! I know that’s happening as I now give real thought to what I eat and will go hungry (avoiding a quick processed snack/meal) in favor of a delicious homemade one from one of your meal plans. The other day I made a lovely tuna & tomato salad: halved cherry tomatoes, chopped red onion, sliced black olives, tuna with lime juice squeezed over it. I served it with a few tortilla chips and know that without the inspiration from your blog and meal plans I would probably never had put that mix together.”

Julia, Soupstones Member.
“The meal plans have been going really well – I have been choosing at least 3 or 4 meals a week and buying only once & being set for the week. It’s great – haven’t done it like this for a long time & while it takes a little bit to prepare, its only once a week rather than 5 times! And in the long run, cheaper too. I have fewer left overs, and while I was skeptical of meals with only 5 ingredients, I’ve really enjoyed the simple flavours & it reminds me that simple is just as good (probably even better in most cases!). I’ve known for a long time I need to simplify my meals, but struggled to do so…so thankyou!”

Deborah, Soupstones Member.
“I have made a few recipes and had good results. I think your menu plan is brilliant. Some of the ingredients are new for me to cook with, some of your combos definitely new, but the simplicity of the recipes and the deliciousness of what i have tried so far is a definite attraction. The staples list for the pantry is a great idea and very helpful for me who never remembers what I need when I get to the store and of course, don’t have it at home either.”

Janet, Soupstones Member.
“I find the meal plans great to be honest. My life is quite multi-dimensional and changeable so the recipe fit in quite well. I don’t do a big shop but buy what I need more on a day to day basis.
I can just look through the meals on my phone and shop for one or two meals. The storage ideas helps with too. Sometimes I may find myself eating out a lot or have lots of people arriving for dinner. It is good to have some quick and easy recipes up my sleeve. I am gluten intolerant so I love the paleo options.

Susan, Soupstones Member.
“The thing I appreciate the most about your recipes is the suggestions for substitutions. I’m a vegetarian, so having a list of substitutes in each recipe is a major bonus. Thanks!!”

Sal, Soupstones Member.
“With a big family to feed every day (four meat eaters and two vegetarian), cooking was becoming exhausting for me and I felt I had to prepare two completely different meals each night. I LOVE your simple 5 ingredient recipes – I just have the extra one vegetarian ingredient and have found my love for cooking again with the added bonus of saving money. The love has come back into my food – I am not just feeding but nourishing my family with fresh and healthy food.”

Crystal, Soupstones Member.
“Finding a meal plan that suited a veggie and meat eater moving in together was a real bonus, had i known this before i joined up it would have been the main reason, so i would love to be able to help make other potential users aware that this is another great part of the service. I am also GF so to have the plans cater for all our preferences was amazing!
Thanks for getting me back to a place where i love cooking again, even at the end of a long week. I would just like to add that the format of the meal plans is great. I love the simplicity as i have been using them on my tiny, old phone without any trouble 🙂
Thanks again!”

Cecelia, Soupstones Member.
“I nearly cried when your planner came through today! My life is really hectic at the moment, lots of decision making needed, stress etc and to have the planner with recipes that are easy and scrummy, portion controlled and a shopping list it was such a relief. The added bonus is that, being single I get lunch the next day and there is no $ or food wastage. Thank you, thank you!”

Marjorie, Soupstones Member.
“It took me a bit to get going on it, but when I made a leap and just went and shopped from your list — Voila! It was marvelous. I made everything like you said, even if I thought, we are not going to like this recipe. It’s pretty amazing, but my husband and I have liked every single meal. I’ve heard him talk about Soupstones Meal Plans to people and he says, You read the recipe and you doubt it’s going to taste good — but it ALWAYS does! He gets very excited now to see what’s in store for the week.”

Julie, Soupstones Member.
“I usually recommend Soupstones to people because they are grumbling about deciding what to cook at 4pm before shopping on the way home. I now have some favourites that I know really well, so I tell them the recipe, and they are always so impressed with the result, that they want to know where the recipe comes from. I who hated cooking, have now become the go to person in the office if someone wants to know what to cook for a meal.”

Leanne, Soupstones Member.
“Soupstone recipes are delicious and easy. And the document you send each week makes the shopping and prep easy as well.”

Kris, Soupstones Member.
Healthy and delicious and quick. What more could anyone want.”

Carla, Soupstones Member.
“It’s so easy to get caught up in life being busy and just forget the simple things. When I’m tired I over-complicate OR buy take-away, so having easy meals with a few ingredients that are also good for you is such a blessing!”

Susan, Soupstones Member.
“This is a truly innovative approach to meal planning and provides meals that, while being easy, are interesting enough that you could entertain at a moment’s notice simply by multiplying the recipes and adding the dessert.”

Robyn, Soupstones Member.
“Soupstones helps simplify meals while eating healthy. For someone like me who is not the world’s best cook, having these 5 ingredients and simple instructions have changed the way I view cooking. To me, cooking use to be such a task and I avoided it (being an empty nester…cooking is easily avoided by me), but now I actually look forward to it because it is not so overwhelming. I am eating healthy, tasty meals and my Hubby commented the other day that I have become quite the prolific cook! HA! I never, ever dreamed he would say that. You have turned me on to spices such as Ras El Hanout, Baharat, garam masala and smoked paprika. I absolutely love your recipes and the Soupstones Meal Plan! Thank you so much for changing the way I cook and view cooking!”

Johanna, Soupstones Member.
“Soupstones is easy and tasty recipes, especially on a work night, I like the flexibility with every recipe: I can substitute a lot and learn a basic methods to use with other ingredients. Time from oven to table is phenomenal!”

Claire, Soupstones Member.
“I would recommend Soupstones mostly for the simplicity and emphasis on healthy options rather than resorting to take-away. Has been great for my partner to adopt and see this transformation.”

Sonia, Soupstones Member.
“It’s a great way to eat healthy and with variety. And a good way to record one’s food intake.”

Crystal, Soupstones Member.
“I am vegetarian and gluten intolerant, so I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to use or adjust the recipes to suit my diet. I am so pleased to say that you were way ahead of me and provided me with very flexible recipes and the bit I love the most a ‘how to’ make the meal veg, gf, more substantial etc. Brilliant!!! Also my Mum put me onto your site so I knew it would be good, but I was blown away with the amount of useful material, videos and how tos including how to start and stick to meal planning”

Particia, Soupstones Member.
“I know a lot of people who can’t do all the parts of getting food for themselves. This plan does everything but the selection of items at the grocery store.”

Mary, Soupstones Member.
“I like the food ideas, that the meals can be adapted to suit various food options (carnivore, vegetarian, carb lover) and that you provide a shopping list. I also like the fact that your meals are easy to prepare, are healthy and don’t contain lots of complicated or hard to find ingredients.”

Marina, Soupstones Member.
“I’m actually already recommending Soupstones to about everyone I know. When we’re having someone over and I get started on how wonderful the meal plans are, I see my daughter roll her eyes – yes, it’s the fifthiest time I’ve talked about it…”

Giselle, Soupstones Member.
“I just love the simplicity of the recipes! And I love veggies so is the perfect match.”

Julie, Soupstones Member.
“Soupstones has limited ingredients, short cooking time, variations listed making the recipes friendly to all!”

Jennifer, Soupstones Member.
“It is an easy way to get started on a new way of eating.”

Denise, Soupstones Member.
“The recipes are so delicious and most are so easy to prepare.”

Julie, Soupstones Member.
“I am so glad that I decided to jump in and give it a go! I was so pleasantly surprised by the informative PDF & the meals that I was eagerly looking forward to my new plan this morning. I have to make a couple of substitutions to make it Paleo/hubby friendly but the basis is there. We’re trying new foods and I’m now motivated to follow the plans.”

Larina, Soupstones Member.
“I love the ease of the recipes and the freshness, no processed foods. I am cooking meals I wouldn’t normally cook and loving them. The shopping lists are a huge help too.”

Anonymous, Soupstones Member.
Soupstones recipes always work. They really are quick and easy, and tasty and satisfying. Really good for singles who get lazy about cooking properly for themselves (I have even found myself saying, when I felt too lazy to cook – it will only take 10 minutes, so you can do it!) and good for people with kids who get worn out with thinking what to cook after working all day but also helps with shopping etc to simplify life.”

Karen, Soupstones Member.
“Soupstones recipes are healthy and simple—and tasty!”

Nick, Soupstones Member.
“Soupstones encourages cooking meals from scratch. It’s much tastier and healthier.”

Beth, Soupstones Member.
“It is amazing what you can do with so few ingredients!!! I look at articles in magazines touting “Easy Weeknight Dinners” and laugh to myself at their lengthy lists of ingredients. Soupstones truly lives up to its promises!

Shelley, Soupstones Member.
You have made a huge difference in my life! I tell everyone I can about your service.”

Patricia, Soupstones Member.
“I like the food because there aren’t a ton of ingredients, and they are normal ingredients, which I like (I hate recipes that call for 1TBL of capers and then I have the jar sitting in my refrigerator forever.) I like that your directions are minimal and quick to prepare.”

Anonymous, Soupstones Member.
“I save time and money. I am now eating out less and spend less at the grocery store.”

Danielle, Soupstones Member.
“I would recommend Soupstones because of convenience, ease and taste.

Anonymous, Soupstones Member.
Simple, healthy, tasty and easy to put into practice (nice photos too).”

Daphne, Soupstones Member.
“I would recommend Soupstones because they’re very practical and I know the recipes are great as I’ve been using your cookbooks for a couple of years now.”

Annette, Soupstones Member.
“You have encouraged me to cook more and eat more greens”

Emma, Soupstones Member.
“I always look forward to getting your Soupstones email on Fridays. It’s fun to see what’s new and also be reminded of old favourite recipes. What I love most about it is that I don’t need to think of what’s for dinner. Thinking of a healthy meal for the family during the working week is tricky so I really appreciate the inspiration from your meal plans. The hard work is done. ”

Beth, Soupstones Member.
“You have been instrumental in helping me bring dinner to the table over the last couple of years. You have simplified and helped me connect with success in feeding my family with healthy wholesome tasty food in a low stress, freeing way. ”

Laurie, Soupstones Member.
“I’m really enjoying this service. I’ve used other online meal planning services in the past. What I really like about this one is the ability to search the catalog for other recipes and mark my favorites. I confess I rarely use more than two of the featured recipes per week but I definitely repeat my favorites and search for other based on the ingredients I have or want to use. I like that your recipes rarely call for obscure ingredients I have to buy in a large quantity then never use again. Or, if they do you give other options. Speaking of the options, I do love all the variations you give for each recipe. Especially since my husband has a nut allergy.”

Tonia, Soupstones Member.
“Soupstones has massively improved our family. Before Soupstones I would tend to cook from a packet or a jar and often ended up grabbing take away on the way home. Now I plan our meals for the week (note I tend to mix the meals around). I buy the majority of ingredients at the beginning of the week and am no longer tempted to buy takeaway as I know I have something at home. My husband is loving the meals and we have gotten the children to try new things. While I haven’t gotten the kids to eat everything, I find the recipes easy to adapt to their taste buds. We have lower grocery bills at the same time we are eating healthier. Variations and waste avoidance help me think outside the box as to how to group different recipes / ingredients together.”

Shona, Soupstones Member.
“I want you to know that your blog and meal plans subscription have changed my life. I’ve never loved cooking as much as I do now, thanks to you, and although I work full time have been able to cook every night for the past 6 months and enjoy it! Food is a big part of our family life, and is even more so now. Thank you!! This whole experience has been a great gift to me”

Cindy, Soupstones Member.
“I really look forward to Fridays and receiving the next weeks menus. We are eating more vegetables, not just saving them for dinner! My pantry has also been reorganised and I’m surprised at how many suggested ingredients I had in there already, just using them in a different way now. Looking forward to much more Soupstones.

Amina, Soupstones Member.
“Your meal plans are fantastic, so helpful during times where I just don’t want to think about cooking. I’ve found the shopping list so helpful and I don’t go astray while shopping. Plus if I don’t write a shopping list and I’m shopping impromptu, no worries, it’s available on my smart phone. Such a bonus!
The vego options are great too, we are more vegetarian than carnivores in this household. The recipes are so easy to chop and change as well, which saves me a trip to the shops, if I can’t match ingredients. Really can’t fault your recipes and meal plans, I just love it! Thanks Jules, you’re a superstar!”

Yvonne, Soupstones Member.
“It was a long time since I cooked and a by product of that was total lack of confidence. From my searching for answers and help I ventured into Soupstones and haven’t looked back. The change in confidence and interest has been rapid to not only my amazement but to also to others. The number of ingredients per adventure generally (4-5), the time factor to prepare and cook is great, information is plain and simple with the odd video follow by presentation hints. We’ve not eaten like this for years simple, nourishing, interesting, looks good, variety with options and economical all wonderful.”

Jim, Soupstones Member.
“I felt a simple click of a link wouldn’t describe how awesome I was feeling about my membership. Putting it basically I love it. I really enjoy trying to cook different things but was finding I was going out all the time and buying new ingredients for one recipe and then it would sit in the pantry/fridge until it was time for it to be disposed of. With the meal plans you send me I have reduced this waste, minimized my cooking time while still getting to try new and tasty recipes all the time. The recipes are awesome and the extra ideas for making it ‘carnivore’ etc always help out. My wife and kids also love it which also helps out. Thank you very much and I am looking forward to next weeks plan already.”

Fiona, Soupstones Member.
“I stopped my meal plan membership for about a month. I didn’t cope at all and have rejoined. The mise en place part of the plan is fabulous. I am very grateful to have done it as I get into the week. Even though I may not always have the same tastes as you, what works for me is the simplicity and avoidance of carbs. It’s easy to tweak things a bit to suit the family. Keep up the great work. It’s much appreciated.”

Debbie, Soupstones Member.
“I started the meal plan on Wednesday, and I love the recipes I have tried, Soupstones is a brilliant way to eat healthy without becoming bored. Even my husband has not complained about eating raw broccoli.”

Patricia, Soupstones Member.
“Thank you so much for the meal plans. It has changed the way I look at cooking. It is not a chore anymore, I look forward to cooking. I have maintained my waistline with some discipline. Thanks a million.”

Vanessa, Soupstones Member.
“It’s taught me how to cook relatively simple, healthy and cheap meals with the addition of legumes as a core pantry item and a everyday staple ingredient! Thanks for that.”

Sigrid, Soupstones Member.
“I recommended your books and website to a lot of friends in the last year. And the meal plan I will recommend as well, because your way to cook and plan meals with pantry tips and shopping list and all you do now in Soupstones is the most clever way I know so far to get to a healthy eating. Thanks a lot Jules!!!”

Bec, Soupstones Member.
“I can’t thank you enough for simplifying my dinner times with relatively low cost, healthy & delicious meals. Half the battle is thinking up something to cook & after a 12 hour mentally challenging shift at work that is sometimes near on impossible. I also can’t believe how tasty everything is. I’m yet to try something that isn’t delicious. You have honestly changed this household for the better. I never thought I could have a solution to eating that was simple, quick, cheap and super healthy all in one. You make it super easy not to eat processed junk which is what happened whenever I was time poor. Now I just open you’re ebooks and I’m set. I just wanted to say a HUGE thankyou for sharing & I think you’re amazing! I’m telling everyone :)”

Denise, Soupstones Member.
“The biggest benefit is that I am much less stressed about what to have for dinner each night. If we haven’t planned a particular meal, all we have to do is a quick flick through the menus to find one that we can make from the ingredients we always have in the pantry and freezer. My husband is also keener to cook dinner with me as well. The recipes are so good because they are quick to prepare, very tasty and use ingredients that we always have plenty of.
Another benefit I have noticed recently is that we no longer buy some foods that we always purchased and used little of and consequently wasted. So we have reduced our wastage as well.”

Olannah, Soupstones Member.
“Love the recipes, even the ones I am skeptical of work out well and taste fantastic. Everything is so quick and easy to prepare.
My grocer bill has reduced dramatically. I buy exactly what is on the list, and no longer have that niggling feeling that I have to use up that cabbage/pumpkin/whatever that is in the fridge. My husband loves the meals and we both feel a lot better health wise.”

Stephanie, Soupstones Member.
“We’re big “foodies” and quite picky about meals, so it’s been a sweet surprise to make the dishes and truly enjoy the flavors and recipes.
The shopping lists are so helpful and I love how it’s all broken down & the myriad of substitutions, etc. A GREAT program Jules!”

Teodora, Soupstones Member.
“Initially I hesitated to sign for your meal plan as I thought I have so many cookbooks, why should I subscribe…luckily I like to try things.
What are the great benefits for me?
– the meals are healthy and very tasty.
– I am vegetarian and I find my happiness very easily in the different alternatives you give.
– it takes no time to prepare. I am a busy mum, I work full time and I look after my 3.6 year old. In the evening I have a very limited time to cook. Thanks to your recipes I have quick and healthy diners. I can also offer more variety to my little boy as I want him to be open minded and adventurous with food.
– The way you present the meal plan is very pleasant, clear, helpful and educative. Your shopping list saves so much time and efforts. Thanks to you I can spend more time playing with my son.
– I learn.”

Elizabeth, Soupstones Member.
“I started cooking late in life, and quickly found that I made the same few dishes over and over again. Add in becoming a vegetarian, and mealtimes were boring. Cookbooks had too many choices, so no luck there. I signed up for the Meal Plans as a present for myself, to learn some new recipes and take the angst out of trying to figure out what to cook. I’ve been very pleased with the vegetarian options, especially the dishes with lentils and chickpeas, as I didn’t cook with those too often. Tonight I made the Roast Baby Veg with Chunky Cashew Pesto, and it was delicious! Thanks so much, my expectations have been exceeded.”

Edith, Soupstones Member.
“My first impression was to be pleasantly surprised on how short my shopping list for 3 recipes. Then I was also pleasantly surprised on how quickly I made my first dish! And it’s so easy, so tasty and so healthy! Love it! I also love the pantry recipes, because I never know if I’m going to eat home or out!
Since I started I noticed from my jeans that I lost weight without thinking about it, I am also saving money because I buy less ingredients than normal. I like your recipes because they rarely include carbs and it’s teaching me a new way to cook and eat.”

Frieda, Soupstones Member.
“The recipes are simple, tasty and fast. They are a good alternative for fast food. It is the kind of recipes I feel my self able to prepare after a hard day of working!”

Alexandra, Soupstones Member.
“I’m very happy with the time saving one-stop-list, with the ideas, the recipes and the shopping list all done for me.”

Brigitte, Soupstones Member.
“It’s liberating not having to think about what to cook, what to buy and to know that each meal is simple and quick to prepare and healthy too.”

Brigitte, Soupstones Member.
“It’s simple to do recipes, however, healthy and it takes away the thinking what to make each day. I actually love cooking and am not challenged by making more intricate dishes. However, I am a busy single parent and therefore cannot spend too much time on planning and cooking during the week.”

Alicia, Soupstones Member.
“Once we had the first plan in our hands we saw it could give us much more than just healthy, quick meals. We are looking forward to being more organised overall as we balance work, 2 little kids and happy home time. Thanks!”

Stephanie, Soupstones Member.
“The meal plans are simple, easy to prepare, tasty and healthy. I love that it comes in a simple PDF format with a shopping list already broken down. You’ve made it SO simple to actually cook meals 5 nights a week – it’s wonderful!”

Jean, Soupstones Member.
“Straightforward, easy to use, gives even an experienced cook inspiration”

Lynn, Soupstones Member.
“I would absolutely without hesitation recommend Soupstones to a friend. It is a quick, convent, efficient way to get whole foods into you and your family’s diet. I love the simple, pure ingredients that come together quickly and always (seriously always) tastes delicious.”

Sharon, Soupstones Member.
“We’re eating well. We’re enjoying trying new things. We’re saving money & wasting less food!”

Dawn, Soupstones Member.
“What I like About the meal plans: the visuals, the links to videos, and I just realized that my meal plan service is like my vendor for office supplies at work – I only use one. I don’t shop around because I know they’re the best. With the meal plan service you give me, I don’t look anywhere else for recipes any more. Just stone soup or Soupstones, website. Thank you.”

Julia, Soupstones Member.
I save money, throw away less food, easy to follow recipes & shopping lists with just a few ingredients, super ideas in the e-book and pantry cookbook!”

Dyann, Soupstones Member.
“I am so glad I signed up for this, but I think my husband is even happier! Every night I’m hearing comments like, “I have been eating so good lately,” “This tastes like it came from a [Thai, Indian, etc] restaurant!” “That looks like a picture in a magazine” and “The house smells soooo gooooood.”