Praise for ‘The Sunday Baking Sessions’

Maureen, Sunday Baking Sessions Owner.
“Thank you Jules! I have been receiving your emails for a few years now and have recommended them to friends. I already have some of your e-books and my most recent purchase was Sunday Baking Sessions. I am enjoying the recipes a lot, since my husband has type 2 diabetes and I am always looking for low-carb ideas! I like the way you use a few easily available ingredients in a non-fussy way, to produce delicious, healthy meals. And I particularly like all the added variations to the menus to suit all tastes. I am 69 and live with my husband (71) in a rural area of Co. Donegal, Ireland, where we have great produce!”

Ben, Sunday Baking Sessions Owner.
“My mother had the most amazing ability to never make the same recipe twice. Sure, she’d start with a similar idea, but there would be a “let’s try this instead of that” or “that’s not in season so why don’t I try this” to every meal that she made.
Every time I read a recipe from Jules Clancy, complete with suggested variations and notes, I think of the way my Mum cooked, and it makes me very happy. Jules’ cooking gives you a starting point with a complete recipe, but she cleverly opens the way for you to experiment.
Her latest book takes that element of “try” to baking in “Sunday Baking Sessions”. As my fiancée is intolerant of both dairy and gluten, I had almost stopped baking. Unusually dense cakes, rock-hard slices and uneven bread were all typical results. However, from her “Lemon Delicious Cake” using cannellini beans and “Ginger Tahini Cookies” to the “Stupidly Easy Banana Bread”, I’ve had success and compliments for everything!
Even better for me, every recipe is simple to modify, play with and try to create something new, with Jules’ tips encouraging you every step along the way. That’s my favourite kind of cooking, and I know my Mum approves!”

Rachel, Sunday Baking Sessions Owner.
“Just purchased your ‘Sunday Baking Sessions’ and have spent the afternoon reading through it. I love it, its amazing. I am a type 2 diabetic and trying to keep my blood sugars low. I have a sweet tooth and your recipes are just the answer I have been looking for. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and am going to tell my diabetic nurse about it on my next appointment. She is always looking for good healthy recipes and I know she will be very interested.
Thanks again.”

Samantha, Sunday Baking Sessions Owner.
Your new baking book is fantastic! Here are some of my initial thoughts: “Desserts & Treats – You don’t miss the sugar or carbs at all. No chance of feeling deprived, having to go without, or, worse yet, settling for weird tastes or textures. You’re left satisfied because they taste like real treats and desserts without the bloat or sugar high!
Breads – The Little Almond Breads are divine. The Almond Burger Buns have resurrected our Friday night burgers; plus, they’re great for sandwiches too.
The book is busting with so many different recipes and variations you’re sure to find a new approach to many, if not most of your old sugar & carb-filled favorites.
Love it!”

Kathryn, Sunday Baking Sessions Owner.
“I purchased your new edition, ‘Sunday Baking Sessions’ and I am so so happy I can bake treats again without having to deprive myself. I have baked the yoghurt and blueberry cake 2 nights in a row now, took it to work today and my work buddies were excited it was gluten free, low carb looked sensational and tasted delightful, light and moist were the comments I received. What I loved was I didn’t have to get out the food processor or mixer and it was so quick and easy to make. Cauliflower pizza tomorrow night.
I love all your recipes Jules, keep them coming.”

Margit, Sunday Baking Sessions Owner.
“Hearty congratulations on your new baking book!!
I’ve been looking forward to it since you first mentioned you were working on it, and it looks fantastic.
I can’t wait to try out the recipes … it looks like my kind of baking, and I love that you’ve included a combination of savouries and sweets.
Just one more thing I have to mention …. I noticed the new book has your delicious Peanut Butter Ice Cream recipe. I’ve made that recipe before when I was a monthly Stonesoup subscriber. What an amazing combination of flavours!! That is such a winner. I’ve used that recipe as a base for breakfast smoothies too (omitted cream, 1 date, added almond milk, spinach, a bit of avocado). Mmmmmm. Thanks for the inspiration.”

Aviva, Sunday Baking Sessions Owner.
“Congratulations, what a fabulous book. I’ve only had it for a couple of hours but already love it. I am, however, not going to wait until Sunday to start baking some of your recipes.”

Siva, Sunday Baking Sessions Owner.
“Just skimmed the new baking book and I LOVE it. Most likely will try nearly everything as it’s perfect for my ketogenic no grains lifestyle. This is a winner! Thanks Jules”

Ros, Sunday Baking Sessions Owner.
“I baked the Banana Bread recipe out of the Sunday Baking Sessions ebook today and it is yummy. All of my friends are anti sugar and I will be encouraging them to buy the Baking book, and I am looking forward to some healthy baking sessions with my granddaughter. Many thanks, Ros.”

Naomi, My Sister!
“Cherry Crumble Cake was so delicious. I made it for a BBQ yesterday and it got the thumbs up. One guest had seconds and he is a complete disbeliever in sugar-free and gluten-free food!”