Do you struggle to get dinner on the table?

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√ The quickest easiest way to prepare healthy, delicious meals in 15 minutes or less – faster than it takes to dial a pizza.

√ A super simple weekly meal planning method that will reduce you reliance on take-out, saving you time and money.

√ 26 time tricks that will save you time in the kitchen and leave more time for enjoying meals with your family and friends.

√ The 14 best ways to store fresh produce to delay spoilage and minimise waste including a handy downloadable ‘cheat sheet’ of ideal storage temperatures.

√ The 7 key pantry management tips which help save you time. With less trips to the grocery store and less time searching for what you need.

√ The 8 most common mistakes home cooks make when ‘plating’ and presenting their food and how to avoid them.

√ Why the quality of your most important item of kitchen equipment is essential for quick and effortless cooking. And 11 tips for knife safety and maintenance.

√ How to adapt recipes based on what’s in your fridge.

√ Plus! Over 40 delicious, healthy video recipes for effortless dinners in minutes.


The class is designed to be completed in your own pace and time. All the material is pre-recorded and divided into 5 weekly modules including:

Module 1: PANTRY. A step-by-step guide to setting up and actually using your life-saving pantry.

Module 2: The 10 Ingredient SHOPPING LIST (including 5 different recipes)

Module 3: PREPARATION & PLANNING. The done-for-you 1-hour per week prep plan.

Module 4: The art of ADAPTATION – learning to cook with what you have.

Module 5: How to Stay INSPIRED & MOTIVATED


Jana, SVCS Student.
I love the extra bits that come with the recipes such as how to adapt recipes to carnivore or vegetarian etc, other ingredients that work well (improving my basic & recipe creation skills) and as someone cooking for myself how long things will keep and if they freeze well is really important to know for me and I’m not always sure.

Julie, SVCS Student.
The whole way I cook has under gone a transformation. Your recipes where the ones that started me down this path, as I find I can manage any of them any night after work.

Christa, SVCS Student.
I would definitely recommend this school. I already have shared how great it is with my mom and sister. My favorite feature is the videos that accompany the recipes. It is great to learn by watching to see how it should be done. You do a great job explaining the steps as you go.

Sarah, SVCS Student. I totally changed my attitude to cooking thanks to you. I so love your down-to-earth, simple ingredient, simple cooking techniques and the wonderful cooking videos. I have never tried so many of the recipes from a book/website before because either the ingredient lists were just daunting or the cooking took ages. But with your inspiration healthy and delicious cooking can be achieved on an every-day basis.


Julie, SVCS Student. I am also almost ready to get rid of most of my cook books, as I really only use your recipes now. In fact I tend to scan all other recipes and if there are more than 5 ingredients, or steps just pass it by. I’m looking to simplify my life, and you really have made quite a difference to that – I enjoy preparing dinner now.

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Jim, SVCS Student. Love the videos; cooking works very well in this format (as opposed to something like yoga or a golf swing or learning the violin where someone needs hands-on supervision to make sure they’re doing things right)

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BONUS: The Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion VIDEO eCookbook – $97 value

This clear, practical, reference eCookbook includes 11 chapters focused on getting delicious, healthy meals on the table with a minimum of effort and fuss.

The go-to cookbook for when you’re tired at the end of a long day with 95 delicious, healthy fast recipes.

Easy to access – Keep a copy at work and home AND take it with you on your phone or ipad.

Plus! Save time! All recipes (with the exception of the ‘Do other things’ chapter) are designed to be made in 15 Minutes OR LESS!

Jen, Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion Reader.
I’m really enjoying the Tired and Hungry Cooks Companion – it’s helping me to become somebody who actually cooks for herself! I love your idea of few ingredients, healthy and tasty recipes. Because there are few ingredients, I can read or watch the recipe once and remember it. I am starting to have repertoire of recipes in my head. Because of your resource I am making super-tasty, fast meals that are easy to shop for and make, and so satisfying to eat. I’m saving money because I am not buying lunches or eating out. I’m enjoying my food more.


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You’ll get a 100% full, prompt and friendly refund. We part as friends. No questions asked.

All the risk is on me. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Looking forward to seeing you in class!

With love,
Jules x

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