How the ‘Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion’ has already helped people like YOU

Jen, Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion Reader.
“Just a quick note to say the Tired and Hungry Cookbook is brilliant. I purchased it a couple of weeks ago and felt I needed to let you know how much I love it. I have been in a cooking rut which is not good as I have a husband and three teenage children who need feeding constantly! Everything about your cookbook is spot on. Five ingredients (or less) is so doable, healthy and yummy recipes, so many alternatives to the one recipe – something to suit all family members and so much great information too. You have done a great job with this cookbook and I hope you have inspired lots of other people as much as you have inspired me with your fabulous recipes.”

Melanie, Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion Reader.
“I went from being a confident, enthusiastic cook to a bored, here we go again, monotonous cook.
There was something about your blog and your recipes which grabbed my attention. I then went on to buy one of your ebooks and then it came to me. Loud and clear. I had to return to a simpler life of cooking. Fewer ingredients. More pantry staples. And less fuss. Fewer ingredients meant buying Top quality. And the flavours are awesome.”

Wendy, Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion Reader.
“Your recipes are quick, straightforward, healthy, no-fuss, and delicious. they can also be dressed up or down, which is fabulous. My favorite thing, though, is that you never fall back on processed junk in order to save on time. You make real food.”

Lorraine, Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion Reader.
“Jules, I’ve just bought and downloaded the book, and subsequently spent the best part of an hour (I’m at work!) scrolling down through it and salivating and with a growling stomach! I’m an avid cookbook buyer and usually I find there are quite a few recipes in most books that just do not appeal. So for the first time I have found a book in which I am genuinely excited to try every single recipe! And I love the tweaks and alternative suggestions for each one. I can’t wait to get stuck in to cooking all of these dishes, and if I didn’t already have broccoli-cauliflower-and-macaroni cheese planned for tonight’s dinner, I’d be starting straight away! The best (and least!) money I’ve ever spent on a cookbook! Thank you!”

Catherine, Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion Reader.
“I have to say I’m surprised.
– I’m surprised that in a sea of cookbooks, TV programs and websites, what you are doing feels different and new
– I’m surprised that we have already tried so many of the recipes – we are cooking one of yours pretty much every night that we eat in
– I’m surprised that these very simple, easy recipes taste so good (really good!)
– I’m surprised at how wholesome and healthy they are and still filling
– I’m surprised at my partner’s motivation to cook your recipes. He usually says he has no interest in cooking, but there he is in the kitchen with the iPad putting together all sorts of different tasty meals quite happily.
Congratulations on a great concept and a great site. Thank you!

Sheila, Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion Reader.
“I wanted to quickly let you know that I was so impressed with your e cookbook…. easy, quick recipes. I became a ‘Carer’ for my elderly parents, 3 years ago and having just looked through your brilliantly easy-to-follow collection, I’m sure I’m going to have fun trying many of them out.”

Jean, Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion Reader.
“My plan to have a quick look this morning at your new book, turned into me looking at every page. I like very much the alternative suggestions for each recipe. I have found these useful during the course. i consider myself a good cook and have always tweaked recipes, but found that your suggestions have taken a bigger leap than i would normally. this has been particularly helpful when i have not been able to get an ingredient and increased the selection of things that i could make.”

Nicky, Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion Reader.
“I’m a first year college student studying design. Finding Stonesoup was a godsend. 5 ingredients? fast, healthy and more importantly, delicious recipes? I’m sold. Not only are they super affordable, it’s easy to make variations, and they’re delicious! They encouraged me to experiment too. Plus it’s in PDF! Because everyone knows college students can’t bare the thought of, printed material *gasp*.”

Audrey, Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion Reader.
“I want to try just about everything! I also really love the variations that you’ve included. I would recommend this book to just about anyone… carnivores, vegetarians, experienced cooks, new cooks, and definitely people with limited time. Even though there are many options that you give for making dishes vegan, I don’t think I would recommend it for vegans themselves because I think they deserve to have recipes without substitutes.”

Wendy, Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion Reader.
“One particular thing I have always loved about your recipes is the simplicity, which brings out the natural flavor of the meal. My favorite thing, though, is that you never fall back on processed junk in order to save on time. You make real food. Your recipes in this book are quickly and easily made, and the cross-reference index is gold. Love it. Finding food according to mood. Genius.”

Aldrea, Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion Reader.
“I’m excited to try everything you’ve included since you clearly present alternatives. I also love how your five-minute meals are actually meals, not just haphazardly thrown-together salads or supplemented pre-packaged ‘foods’. Most of those recipes are exactly the amount of effort I’d want to exert if I was tired and hungry, but didn’t want to settle for noodles or fast food.”

Emma, Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion Reader.
“I love your latest eCookbook. It has been my saviour with a new born along with international postings for my husband. We are currently in South America and even though not all the ingredients are available, the fact its transportable and 5 ingredients to whip up in minutes (30min is heavenly) has saved our night life!”

Jen, Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion Reader.
“I’m really enjoying the Tired and Hungry Cooks Companion – it’s helping me to become somebody who actually cooks for herself! Because there are few ingredients, I can read or watch the recipe once and remember it. I am starting to have repertoire of recipes in my head. I’m saving money because I am not buying lunches or eating out. I’m enjoying my food more.”

Patti, Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion Reader.
“A few days ago, I bought the tired and hungry cook’s companion. What a great book! This book is a terrific little resource to have right in my iphone for the inevitable times in the supermarket, 25km from home, running around in tiny circles going WAAHHH! WHAT AM I DOING FOR DINNER? and trying to remember what is in the fridge. Jules, thanks a million for such a beautifully-put-together book. I like everything about it. Lovely photographs and layout, nifty features (click the links, hello…not to mention the complete portability….I have saved it to kindle and evernote so I have a copy wherever I am), and of course delicious ideas in abundance.” “