Too tired to cook when you get home?

Do you feel guilty if you don’t provide a good dinner for yourself or your family? Are you worried that your meals aren’t healthy enough?

Do you get stuck deciding what to make? Are you frustrated with having the same meals over and over?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you’re going to LOVE the Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion…

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In ‘The Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion’
I’ll show you…

How to make it easy to decide what to have for dinner with 120 delicious, healthy, FAST 5-ingredient recipes.

The easiest way to make your meals healthier with real food.

The secret to finding time and energy to cook after work with 19 healthy 5-minute suppers.

7 tips for ingredient substitution to help overcome the missing ingredients problem and boost your confidence to try new ideas.

Each recipe contains 4+ variations – over 480 ideas.

Bonus 1. Top 3 quick and easy ways to avoid your food rut.

√ Bonus 2. A printable pantry checklist – to give you peace of mind and ensure you have ingredients when you need them.


Examples of quick, healthy, delicious meals
I’ll show you how to make…


Choose from 2 options…

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Patti, Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion Reader.
“A few days ago, I bought the tired and hungry cook’s companion. What a great book! This book is a terrific little resource to have right in my iphone for the inevitable times in the supermarket, 25km from home, running around in tiny circles going WAAHHH! WHAT AM I DOING FOR DINNER? and trying to remember what is in the fridge. Jules, thanks a million for such a beautifully-put-together book. I like everything about it. Lovely photographs and layout, nifty features (click the links, hello…not to mention the complete portability….I have saved it to kindle and evernote so I have a copy wherever I am), and of course delicious ideas in abundance.” “

THCC2 3D Cover

Your clear, go-to reference to answer the ‘what’s for dinner?’ question. It contains gorgeous, full colour photographs of 120 recipes across 305 pages and 11 chapters including…

1. 5-minute suppers

Chapter 1. 5-Minute Suppers 19 favourite 5-minute suppers for when you don’t have the time or energy to cook. Includes recipes such as rice & greens, warm butter bean salad, spiced couscous with broccoli, warm salmon salad + more.

2. super easy salads

Chapter 2. Super Easy Salads The quickest way to get healthy meals on the table with 11 super easy salads. Includes recipes such as warm chicken salad, big vegan salad, warm mushroom & goats cheese salad, chickpea & yoghurt salad + more.

3. a life-saving pantry

Chapter 3. A Life Saving Pantry 13 life-saving pantry recipes to give you peace of mind that you’ll always be able to whip up healthy dinners at a moments notice. Includes as broccoli pantry curry, salmon & butter bean salad, spaghetti with chilli & garlic, quinoa & grilled veg salad, chickpea & vegetable salad + more.

4. one pot wonders

Chapter 4. One Pot Wonders How to keep washing up to a minimum with 10 one pot recipes. Because tired cooks don’t want to spend hours doing dishes. Including simple chicken laksa, pesto cauliflower, hot beef curry + more.

5. stir fry specials

Chapter 5. Stir Fry Specials How to master the art of stir frying – one of the quickest and healthiest cooking methods. Includes 9 special stir fry recipes including chicken stir fry with seasonal veg, beef & broccoli stir fry + more.

5 meat free mondays

Chapter 6. Meat Free Monday How to eat healthier with more veggies in our 15 healthy meat-free monday recipes. Includes 15-minute falafels, zucchini burgers with yoghurt sauce, veggie burritos and more!

7 a flash in the pan

Chapter 7. A Flash in the Pan This chapter is a celebration of the skillet or fry pan – the work horse of the kitchen equipment. Includes 11 recipes such as chilli chicken with hummus, lemon steaks with broccoli, eggplant parimigiana, vietnamese chicken balls, salt crusted burgers + more.

8. comfort food

Chapter 8. Comfort Food Warm your mind and nurture your soul as well as feeding your body with the 10 comfort food recipes. Including quick veggie soup, pasta with prosciutto, chile verde + more.

9. do other things

Chapter 9. Do Other Things [while dinner makes itself] This is the only chapter including recipes which will take longer than 15 minutes to get on the table. Free up your time while dinner practically makes itself with the 11 do other things recipes. Includes classics such as roast eggplant with tomato sauce & pesto, the baked frittata, lamb shanks with apricot, chilli con carne + more.

10. effortless entertaining

Chapter 10. Effortless Entertaining Discover the truth about mid week entertaining. With 5 different meals that will help you get together with friends mid week for a fun and relaxing evening – without you having to spend hours in the kitchen. Includes themes such as ‘friday night pizza’, sushi party, a simple italian supper + more.

11. treats for tired cooks

Chapter 11. Treats for Tired Cooks Treat yourself or show you care with 6 quick and easy sweet treat recipes. Includes blueberries with ricotta, healthy banana ‘ice cream’, decadent dark chocolate mousse and more.


Find exactly what you’re looking for FAST with the quick search function.

Browse the interactive index to find recipes based on the seasons, different cuisines or your mood.

Always have the recipes with you. Save it at work, home, on your ipad and on your phone!

Never get bored! Each recipe contains 4 or more suggestions for variations – giving you over 480 ideas in the one eCookbook.

√ PLUS! Save time – all recipes (except the ‘Do other things’ chapter) are designed to be made in 15 Minutes OR LESS!

The new 2nd Edition also contains…

bonus 1
The top 3 quick and easy ways to avoid getting stuck in a food rut.

7 tips for ingredient substitution to help you overcome missing ingredients.

My 3 favourite ‘template’ recipes to give you the confidence to cook with what you have.

The number 1 way to jazz up a tried meal with 10 recipes for delicious 5-Minute sauces.

A printable ingredient substitute ‘cheat sheet’ to help increase variety.

bonus 2
A printable pantry checklist so you’ll feel organized and in control.

√ Plus! 13 easy ways to get the most out of your pantry (bonus audio track). For peace of mind and confidence to make dinner without shopping on the way home.


What People Are Saying About
The Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion…

Jen, Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion Reader.
“I’m really enjoying the Tired and Hungry Cooks Companion – it’s helping me to become somebody who actually cooks for herself! Because there are few ingredients, I can read or watch the recipe once and remember it. I am starting to have repertoire of recipes in my head. I’m saving money because I am not buying lunches or eating out. I’m enjoying my food more.”

Emma, Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion Reader.
“I love your latest eCookbook. It has been my saviour with a new born along with international postings for my husband. We are currently in South America and even though not all the ingredients are available, the fact its transportable and 5 ingredients to whip up in minutes (30min is heavenly) has saved our night life!”

Aldrea, Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion Reader.
“I’m excited to try everything you’ve included since you clearly present alternatives. I also love how your five-minute meals are actually meals, not just haphazardly thrown-together salads or supplemented pre-packaged ‘foods’. Most of those recipes are exactly the amount of effort I’d want to exert if I was tired and hungry, but didn’t want to settle for noodles or fast food.”

Wendy, Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion Reader.
“One particular thing I have always loved about your recipes is the simplicity, which brings out the natural flavor of the meal. My favorite thing, though, is that you never fall back on processed junk in order to save on time. You make real food. Your recipes in this book are quickly and easily made, and the cross-reference index is gold. Love it. Finding food according to mood. Genius.”

Audrey, Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion Reader.
“I want to try just about everything! I also really love the variations that you’ve included. I would recommend this book to just about anyone… carnivores, vegetarians, experienced cooks, new cooks, and definitely people with limited time. Even though there are many options that you give for making dishes vegan, I don’t think I would recommend it for vegans themselves because I think they deserve to have recipes without substitutes.”

Nicky, Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion Reader.
“I’m a first year college student studying design. Finding Stonesoup was a godsend. 5 ingredients? fast, healthy and more importantly, delicious recipes? I’m sold. Not only are they super affordable, it’s easy to make variations, and they’re delicious! They encouraged me to experiment too. Plus it’s in PDF! Because everyone knows college students can’t bare the thought of, printed material *gasp*.”

See more reviews over here.


I have so many cookbooks that I don’t use…
Why should I buy another one?

I have a big cookbook collection as well. I know what it’s like. So let me ask you a few questions…

Do any of your cookbooks contain recipes with only 5 ingredients? Are they designed for quick and easy cooking or are they more about looking good?

Do they have a section devoted to 5-minute recipes? Can you make most of the remaining recipes in 15 minutes or less?

Do they come with a list of variations for every recipe?

Are any of them ebooks saved on your smartphone or tablet? Can you access them when you’re deciding what to cook – whether that’s at the office or in the supermarket?

The last thing I want is for The Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion to be another cookbook you buy and then never look at again.

So I’m happy to give you 60 days to test drive it. If you find that you haven’t used it to cook anything, all you have to do is email me [] and I’ll refund 100% of your money straight away. You have nothing to lose apart from a few minutes.

Do You Love Print Books?
Not Sure You’ll Use a Digital Product?

Here are 7 advantages of ebooks…

1. Always have these recipes at your fingertips. Save in multiple locations – work computer, home computer, smart phone and iPad.

2. Find exactly what you want (and fast!) with the search function. Got mushrooms in the fridge? A quick search and you’ll have all the mushroom recipes ready to choose from.

3. Save time and jump straight to your chosen page with the hyperlinks.

4. Be inspired by browsing the interactive index(es) by the seasons, different cuisines and recipe type.

5. All the benefits of Googling without the risk of recipes from untrusted sources.

6. Shows you EXACTLY what to look out for each step of the way. The video version includes step-by-step demonstrations for almost every recipe.

7. No need to wait or pay for shipping. Quick instant download.

The downside?
You won’t be able to admire an eCoobook on your bookshelves. And the pages won’t get dog-eared and stained with food, unless you print it out.

Remember: You can always try it and if you don’t like it, you have 60 days to ask for a refund…


Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge OrangeIf you aren’t happy with your eCookbook, just email me []. You’ll get a 100% full, prompt and friendly refund. We part as friends. No questions asked. All the risk is on me. You have absolutely nothing to lose.


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