Want to be More Organized
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Well I have good news!

It’s not an impossible dream. I’ve created an easy systems-based approach to help you get there.


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The Organized Cook is a 4-week online training program where I’ll show you:

  • An organized approach to the cooking process
  • The art of batch prepping ingredients when you do have time
  • Simple ways to eat more veggies
  • How to pull together quick meals without the ‘last minute’ stress…


The Organized Cook includes…

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Module 1. Getting Started

In module 1 you’ll discover a secret that chefs use that will give you a head start in getting ahead of your cooking. And the good news is you won’t necessarily have to sacrifice your precious free time and spend the whole weekend locked in the kitchen to make it work…

* The easy way to make ‘mise en place’ work for you.

* How to form life changing habits that will put the whole process on autopilot and set you up for success.

* Food storage best practices to help you minimize waste.

* How to best handle fresh ingredients.

* My top 7 favourite building block (batch cooking) recipes that I make on a regular basis.


Healthy Meal Method modules3 quinoa

Module 2. Prepping Ingredients for Multiple Meals with ‘Building Block (Batch Cooking)’ Recipes

Building block recipes are a key tool to helping you be ready to pull together delicious, healthy meals with minimum effort. Perfect for weeknight dinners. Preparing ingredients like this means you’re prepared without being confined to specific meals. They’re also brilliant because they also help to ‘preserve’ your ingredients meaning you’ll be less likely end up with waste!

* Includes ‘building block’ recipes for vegetables, legumes, grains, proteins, sauces and flavourings. Plus a couple of fruit based ideas for the occasional sweet treat.

* Usage suggestions for each building block: 3 ideas for how to use each prepared ingredient in different ways.

* Storage suggestions for each building block so you’ll keep your waste to a minimum.

* Timing guidelines so you’ll know how much time to allow.

* Plus! A full ‘Cheat Sheet’ to download so you’ll have ingredient prep instructions for everything at your fingertips!


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Module 3. Do Ahead Meals

For those days when you just want to come home and have dinner already made. This module is all about arming you with a collection of new ideas to help you get ahead and ‘cook once, eat twice’ or more…

* Includes 12 recipes for healthy, easy ‘do ahead’ meals.

* Storage suggestions for each – including how to turn them into ‘easy freezer meals’

* Reheating instructions to make sure each meal tastes its absolute best.

* Serving suggestions for each meal to help you add that ‘fresh’ feeling.

* PLUS! Links to all the other do ahead meals on the Stonesoup Virtual Cookery School website (hundreds of ideas).


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Module 4. Meal Planning

For those weeks when you can’t be bothered to ‘think’ about what to cook, this module has you covered! Even though I normally don’t like to be told what to do, every time I use one of my pre-prepared meal plans, I’m surprised just how nice it is to buy the ingredients on the shopping list and then walk into the kitchen each night and just cook from the plan.

* 2 different weekly meal plans. One for warmer weather and another focused on more wintery meals.

* Concise shopping lists for each plan which you can easily edit and adapt to suit your preferences.

* Each meal plan includes a ‘prep-ahead’ guide so you can do all your prep ahead of time, if you like.

* Variations for your dietary requirements + preferences are included to help you ‘customize’ the plans.

* Storage ‘best practices’ for each ingredient and meals to avoid waste.


Like a sneak peek?

Here are some samples of the deliciousness you’ll discover…

easy duck ragu-2
roast butternut pumpkin
slow roast chickpeas
cooked beans
quick pork ragu
chickpea & sweet potato tajine
summer meatballs
vanilla roasted pears


Learn the easy way…

icons more Watch videos in your own time on your computer, iPad, tablet, iPhone or smart phone.
icons more3 Listen to the MP3 audio on your iPod when you’re in the car or exercising.
icons more2 Read the written transcripts if you prefer the printed word.


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PLUS you’ll also get…

TheOrganizedCook 3D cover
The Organized Cook eCookbook [$147 value] with links to all the video and audio to keep forever. Refer back to it for years to come.

sales page icons2Keep track of your favourite recipes and lessons with your own customizable ‘favourites’ page on the membership site.

sales page icons searchALL Stonesoup free and paid 5-ingredients recipes on the one easy-to-search site. Over 1157 delicious, healthy recipes.

THCC2 VIDEO 3D Cover The Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion Video eCookbook FREE bonus copy for everyone who joins at this time [which normally sells for $97].

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 1.41.21 PM PLUS! 24 other online cooking programs ($1728 value).

Includes ‘Simple Dinners’, ‘The Healthy Meal Method’, ‘Master Your Meal Plan’, ‘Solve Your Dinner Dilemma’, ‘Reclaim Your Waistline’, ’15 Minute Meals’, ‘Stress-free Entertaining’ and many more!

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Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge OrangeYour membership is covered by a 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy, just email me [jules@thestonesoup.com] within 60 days. You’ll get a full, prompt and friendly refund. No questions asked. All the risk is on me. You have absolutely nothing to lose.


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‘The Organized Cook’ has helped thousands of people like YOU!

Elizabeth, The Organized Cook Student.
“I wasn’t sure it would be useful because I don’t have a lot of time to watch videos. I find cooking very complicated and I feel overwhelmed. The first thing I did was The Organized Cook. I love that whole idea. Once I got started on that I was like ‘wow’ this is totally do-able. It framed things in a new way as far as being organized. An organized approach to the cooking process. Doing things like cooking a big pot of something. I cook all my lentils and things like that. And I keep in the the fridge and I have it cooked. I definitely feel more organized now.”

Anke, The Organized Cook Student.
“The Organized Cook means less last-minute stress, more relaxed cooking. I would recommend it because it reduces stress when it comes to cooking and shopping”

Samantha, The Organized Cook Student.
“I’m planning more often and are more confident in trusting my instincts. Being better prepared has kept us from eating out too often.”

Liz, The Organized Cook Student.
“This course really helped me to learn methods of preparing for the week ahead and it’s not complicated and ingredients are budget friendly. We are eating more vegetables, lentils and getting meals on the table doesn’t take as long. I’m also getting lots of compliments of dinners 🙂 I’m cooking more at home rather than eating out. It’s just quicker and tastier than takeaway food! We are so very thankful for your recipes, we have lots of new family favourites that are quick and easy!”

Elizabeth, The Organized Cook Student.
“I have people telling me all the time I don’t have time for that. But if I have time for it, honestly you have time for it. The benefit of putting the time in to learn saves you so much time. Just ‘The Organized Cook’ alone has save me a tremendous amount of kitchen prep time, and just organizing my plan. Organizing my approach to cooking. The payoff, where it might seem like ‘I don’t have time for that’, you do. Because of the reward of saved time is worth it and it really benefits you in a lot of ways.”

See more reviews over here.


NOT SURE IT WILL HELP YOU? I truly believe I only deserve to keep your money if the program REALLY helps you. So our 100% money-back guarantee has you covered. Just contact jules@thestonesoup.com within 60 days and we’ll happily refund you.

LEARN IN YOUR OWN TIME. Access the lessons online where and when it suits you! You set the pace. No need to worry about ‘falling behind’.

KEEP IT FOREVER! You get an eCookbook with all the recipes, lessons and links to the videos from the program to download and keep for life. So you’re covered if something comes up or you don’t have enough time right now.

GRAB & GO TRAINING. The videos / audio for each module are 20-30 minutes. Each recipe video is 3-4 minutes.

STILL NOT SURE IF IT’S RIGHT FOR YOU? See the QnA page over HERE. Or email jules@thestonesoup.com


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Try It Risk-Free
60 Day 100% Money Back GUARANTEE

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge OrangeYour membership is covered by a 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy, just email me [jules@thestonesoup.com] within 60 days. You’ll get a full, prompt and friendly refund. No questions asked. All the risk is on me. You have absolutely nothing to lose.


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